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Posted By Teen Porn on 10/06/10 - Write A Comment!


I make a lot of posts and see a lot of sites, but it still amazes me how often I find a girl I have never seen before. This one is called Fuckable Lola and I have to say, her name really hits the nail on the head here because I’d hit that small tits honey 2x’s!

Some guys would call Fuckable Lola a tease. To be honest with you, I do too… The difference being that they mean it in a derogatory way and for me, girls teasing is just part of the game!

Fuckable Lola stands five feet, five inches tall and weighs in at only 86 lbs. Her petite figure and small tits will have you conjuring up fantasies of banging a schoolgirl or the girl next door. Not hard to do really since a lot of her galleries have her wearing clothes that match those fantasies.

While she doesn’t do hardcore Lola does masturbatea lot! She uses plenty of toys, her fingers, the faucet, a garden hose and just about everything else real girls try sticking up their vaginas! She also has a thing for panties and a rock hard body to display them with!

This girl is so the girl next door that she even dry humps just like young girls do when they experiment with what feels good. Any way, give Fuckable Lola a try and I’ll see you inside the members area!

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