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Posted By Teen Porn on 10/28/10 - Write A Comment!


Rod Stewart says that some guys have all the luck. When it comes to Charlie Sheen he is both right and wrong about that. On one hand, Charlie has been known to bang some of the hottest broads in Hollywood. On the other, Charlie Sheen has been known to get caught up in scandals he helps to create more than any other leading man in Hollywood!

This month’s scandal includes Capri Anderson. She is the reason Charlie ran around a New York hotel doing a Daffy Duck impression. It isn’t hard to see why. This girl is driving me bananas too!

As it turns out my GF did a profile of Capri Anderson just last month on her site Cassie’s Teens. If you enjoy reading about porn from a lesbian perspective and you enjoy lesbian stories, you should bookmark her site!

Being a small tits lover I have to commend Charlie on his choice of porn stars. I hate fake tits and I don’t mind natural ones. no matter how large or small they may be. And that little puter of hers. WOW!

So Met-Art happens to have a lot of Capri Anderson. Apparently they were shooting pics of her long before she decided to create Club Capri Anderson. The big hoopla about Met-Art is that they have 39 mega-pixel pics of Capri Anderson and all of the other girls they shoot. If you thought your personal 12mp camera kicked ass, wait until you see 39mp photos. You can zoom in until her clit takes up the entire monitor and it is still crystal fucking clear!

Met-Art is currently running a special deal. If you signup for a month they will give you unlimited access to for free! Why give two shits about Nubiles? Because, they have sets of Capri Anderson too!

One thought on “Capri Anderson : Charlie Sheen”

  1. Fucking gawd! I’d so hit it too!!!

    Comment by snogman — October 28, 2010 @ 1:48 pm

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