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Posted By Teen Porn on 12/05/10 - Write A Comment!


I live in a two story house on a block mostly populated by single story homes. One of my neighbors behind me has a pool and his daughter used to love laying out by it while soaking up the sun all summer long. She had a sweet body. Her small tits were pert and she was very athletic. I used to refer to her as my nubile next door.

One day when I was feeling unusually horny I happened by my window and there she was. My window has a thin white curtain I can see through, but looks very opaque from the other side. This little blonde hottie was rubbing oil into herself and scanning the back of her fence, occasionally looking up at my window.

I got the feeling she was thinking about slipping a hand beneath her bikini bottoms and sure enough, she popped her hand inside. This made me pop my hand inside my pants and together we worked out some sexual frustration!

Unfortunately my little hottie next door moved away! Doh!

Not to worry though. At they have plenty of nubile next door types of girls. In fact, I kind of like this option better than the real thing because with Nubiles I can pick and choose between blondes, brunettes, ravens and gingers. Not only that, I can watch a girl rub one out any time I want instead of being constricted by my nubile next door’s needs, parents schedule and my GF’s schedule as well.

Nubiles navigation system has actually won industry awards. With it you can find several girls like Fawn above by selecting several search criteria at the same time like blonde, small tits, bikini, outdoors, masturbation and walla: you are staring at several picture sets and several videos of young, hot nubiles next door!

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