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Posted By Teen Porn on 01/01/11 - Write A Comment!

Ah… the joys of Summer… in the Winter time!

I love the Internet. With it you can transport yourself to where ever you want to be. Looking outside my office window it is a cold, dreary, chilly day. The clouds have been out all day and the temperature never surpassed the 50 degrees mark. On my computer monitor, however… a completely different day indeed!

Want Wendy is helping me forget about the cold and I swear she has increased the temperature in the office by 20 degrees!

I imagine how soft her skin must be. How hot it is to the touch. How amazing it’d be to rub that lotion into her small tits and feel those hard nipples on the palms of my hands. How tight her pussy would feel. How hard her clit would be. I don’t care if that lotion doesn’t taste good, after a few seconds of macking down on her vagina it’d be replaced with her sweet pussy juice anyway!

With a Want Wendy password you get access to her friends as well. Anybody for a solo model pool party?

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