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Posted By Teen Porn on 01/28/11 - Write A Comment!

Kacey Jordan

Hey, if she is good enough for Charlie Sheen, she is good enough for me! Kacey Jordan has been giving some massive interviews recounting what went on before Charlie had to be checked into a hospital. Apparently the A-list actor and the A-list porn star engaged in heavy drinking, massive drug usage and went on a wild pornographic rampage!

I wouldn’t say that I am a porn addict, but I will say that I know a thing or two about porn. Charlie Sheen has some exceptional taste in porn stars and with her petite figure and small tits it is becoming more and more obvious that Charlie likes the barely legal look!

Hey, there is nothing wrong with that and 18 Years Old has plenty of Kacey Jordan. Not to mention, is part of the Porn Pros network and the entire network is filled with hot videos of this barely legal hottie!

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