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Back when I was a young buck we had Polaroid cameras and VHS camcorders. Those pieces of shits were clunky, expensive and a royal pain the ass. not to mention the media quality was crap too!

These days girls have 5 mega pixel cameras that shoot 720p HD video and way too much time on their hands. It is inevitable that once you buy your little girl a camera she is going to want to take "grown up" photos of herself and send them to a friend.

That friend ends up liking the pics and has to show everyone else your daughters handy work and before long those pics are all over her school, her work place, the list goes on. Those pics, and naughty videos, eventually make their way to the Internet and once they are there, they tend to spread like a wildfire!

That is where Busted By Daddy comes in. They collect all of these homemade sex tapes and candid photos so you don’t have to spend countless hours trolling the Internet looking for them!

Never before has it been easier to find thousands of small tits teens flashing their naked bodies for all to see. This is barely legal porn on an unprecedented scale!

Take the Busted By Daddy tour. Who knows, perhaps you’ll find your favorite girl from next door on there. literally!

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