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Posted By Teen Porn on 04/26/11 - Write A Comment!

I wish I could post exclusively about solo models and softcore sites, but sometimes even I have a hankering for something different. Of course that doesn’t mean I need to go outside of the small tits niche!


I personally got hooked on the vibrating torture fetish when I had a girlfriend that used to let me perform this kind of torture on her. She had this really small vibrator called a rocket and the speed adjusted between a good, light vibration to an absolutely vibrant bubble bee!

She let me use it on her and I found out that her preferred speed was something closer to the light side of the spectrum. Over a period of minutes I slowly built it up to a much higher speed and she was flopping all over the place!

After several sessions of this I suggested she let me tie her up and she said we could give it a try. I had purchased some "love gloves" which were basically super soft mittens that vibrated. Those I put on her hands and tied her up so that her palms rested on her perky boobs!

Next, I brought out another surprise. A G-spot vibrator with a curve at the top to tickle her insides with. It was time to bring this girl to her limits!

I started with the little rocket on low and it didn’t take long for her to start enjoying herself. I mean she really started enjoying herself and tweaking her nipples! I could visibly see her pussy was soaking wet, so I inserted the G-spot vibrator and turned it on. She started breathing a lot heavier!

It was time to turn things up. Just about every 30 seconds or so I turned each vibrator up a notch or two. Both had about 8 to 10 speed settings and by the time I got to 6 on one and 7 on the other she was really fighting those ropes!

She began to beg me to stop and I suggested she pinch her nipples so that it would take her mind off of her clit. A she did so and took another notch up before orgasming. I had never seen a girl cum hard enough to ejaculate her wetness before, but this intense vibrating torture had her shooting warm fluids out of her pussy!

I think that first time I tied her up was the biggest orgasm she had ever had up until that point. Once her orgasm began to subside I removed the rocket and turned off the other G-Spot, but left it inside her. I slowly moved it around while rubbing the skin on either side of her clit. Her entire body twitched in unison with my strokes. She looked like she had been hit with a stun gun!

There aren’t many sites that focus on vibration torture so I usually head on over to AV Idolz. They have cute Japanese idols in all shapes and sizes. With daily updates you never get bored and all of the videos are DVD quality!

I’d love to chat with you longer, but I have an Asian persuasion I need to take care of, if ya know what I mean!

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