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Posted By Teen Porn on 04/27/11 - Write A Comment!


I remember hanging out with chicks like Andi Pink. I’d soak of up the sights of their pretty little bodies during gym class or out on the track all throughout high school and college. It’s funny actually. When a guy leaves his mouth open he looks like a goomba, but when a girl does it, like Andi is doing above, we all wish we could stick our cock inside that pretty little mouth of hers!


You could be the world’s biggest sloth, but with one look at Andi Pink as she stretches out her taught legs, and suddenly running a relay with her becomes one of your deepest desires!


Of course that might have something to do with trying to catch up to that pretty little ass of hers!


I am not sure if she shaves her pussy as smooth as a babies bottom or if she waxes it that close. All I can think of to say at the sight of that smooth pussy is MOARRRR!!!

Andi Pink is part of a large network comprised of 85 sites! Yes, that wasn’t a typo. You get solo model girls like Ariel Rebel and Kristina Fey, plus multi-model sites where the girls got their starts!

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