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The British get a lot of things right. Some of those things have to do with small tits teens dressed up as schoolgirls. I have a theory about why they do schoolgirls so well. The United Kingdom includes both Scotland and Ireland. Two great places to find hot girls wearing plaid skirts!

Want to see what they are hiding underneath their teen schoolgirl uniforms?


No problem. I’ll show you. But first, time for a little lesson on the word plaid, and more importantly, how it became associated with skirts!

Plaid is a synonym for tartan and a tartan is a pattern consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colors. I know. No shit right? Anyway.

Tartans are sort of like family crests for clans. In the Scottish highlands the warrior clans wore tartans that let others know who they were and who they were associated with. In the example above these two girls wouldn’t be from the same clan and because their patterns are very different, most likely their clans wouldn’t get along with each other!


Time for these two to kiss and makeup. Here at Rhino’s Girls we like to bury the hatchet if ya know what I mean. Nothing like two schoolgirls practicing kissing!

Little attention whores!


Yeah. I’d want inside her bra too!

At Teen Ambitions you get hot girl on girl action. The vast majority of them are dressed up in schoolgirl outfits. The others have so little on, you won’t miss a thing. Pun intended.

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