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Lots of girls play dress up. Francesca Dani turned it into a career! She is quite possibly the most well known Cosplay model outside of Japan. Inside Japan she is considered to be a highly regarded foreign Cosplay model! Getting honors from the Japanese ain’t easy!

Francesca Dani has been modeling since 1998 and began turning it into a career in 2002. Her site is filled with her photos and and they span all the way back to the beginning! It’s strange, but, you can’t even tell this girl is aging as you move through the years!

Along with the Cosplay, Francesca also poses in bikinis, bra and panty sets, lingerie and more! She is always adorable no matter what she is dressed in and she is often dressed in something that leaves little to the imagination!

See more pics!


It isn’t hard to dream a little dream about Francesca Dani when she dolls herself up like this. Costumes include everything from Manga stuff like Sailor Moon to Greek and Roman Warriors. While it isn’t exactly porn, neither was the JC Penny catalog and you never let that stop you before!

Side note: If you haven’t been watching United States of Tara on Showtime, you have really been missing out. The female teen child of the main character dresses up as a comic-inspired warrior goddess for much of the second season. So fucking hot!


Did somebody just sneak some camel toe in?



Such a contradiction. A sexy maid that makes you feel so. dirty!


Take the tour and check out both the Modeling and the Cosplay links at the top. They are littered with more pics of this Cosplay hottie! Her site is only $21 a month and you can cancel at any time. Members of Francesca Dani have unlimited download access!

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