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Posted By Teen Porn on 06/10/11 - Write A Comment!


Because if you did, and you are any good, I have the perfect partner. For the other team!

Watch My GF takes in submissions from surfers like you. They update daily and give you unlimited access to their large network of amateur porn sites. This super cute coed sent in her pics and when I saw them my cock spontaneously ejaculated!

Check out more of her puffy nipple pics!


So. Do you play beer pong? If not, why not? Unless you are abstaining from alcohol you should be playing beer pong. It is one of the few games where a forty year old can show up at a college party, and if he’s got game, he is not out of place!

I say college party because college girls like to play strip beer pong. Nobody likes to see an old man naked (unless he is George Clooney) so chances are the other teams male partner will lose on purpose!


Then again. With a puffy nipples rack like that staring back at me I’d have a hard time making my shots! One of my past girlfriends has a friend with nipples like those. She was telling me that she had sucked on them and they were so sensitive she orgasmed without even touching her clit!

Of course I didn’t believe her so I asked her to set up a demonstration. Her friend showed up that night and she let us both suck on her nipples at the same time. I swear, she orgasmed in like three or four minutes! Amazing!


This other girl was a big chunky though. Actually, a bit more than chunky, because chunky would have been just fine. On the hottie above it is nice to see that God didn’t waste those puffy scallions! Her body is rocking!


She also has a pretty nice snatch!

Watch My GF is for guys that stay up all night looking for that special someone. A girl next door that reminds him of somebody he fucked, or wanted to anyway, from his past. Instead of staying up all night long you find dozens of girls that fit the bill!

Now the only excuse for not getting to bed early is you couldn’t decided which one was the most deserving of last nights cum load!

2 thoughts on “Did Somebody Say Strip Beer Pong?”

  1. Stunning..simply stunning…

    Comment by Delgahdo — July 18, 2011 @ 4:44 pm

  2. This is my kind of beer pong

    Comment by Glen — October 1, 2012 @ 3:25 pm

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