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Posted By Teen Porn on 08/19/11 - Write A Comment!


Have you ever been with a girl that liked to play games? I had a girl that lived on my block when I was growing up and she loved to play all kinds of games. When everyone was around she would be the first to get a game of duck-duck-goose or red light, green light going. When it was just Bree and I our game playing got a lot kinkier.

It all started one day when we were just hanging out in her backyard. A few kids from the neighborhood all went swimming in her pool and she used to swim in her matching bra and panty sets. They usually had some kind of duplicating print and/or cartoon characters on them like Hello Kitty. I figured that where ever her parents came from, they didn’t have bathing suits or something.

Anyway. Everyone else filed out after a few hours and it was just me and Bree left. She was sitting on a small wall and I was sitting Indian style below her. I couldn’t help but notice her wet panties were going up her pussy. I also noticed her small strip of pubic hair.

Little Bree also noticed my fascination with her pussy mound and used her toe to tap my dick before asking me if it was going to get all big and hard. I had no idea what to say to that. she totally caught me off guard.

“I bet you I can make you harder than a rock,” she offered coyly.

Again. I was still without words. I didn’t know what to make of this.

The next thing I know she is pulling her panties into her pussy. While I couldn’t see her clit or her vagina, I was seeing an awful lot of some very puffy pussy lips. My cock jumped in my pants going to half mast. This made Bree’s eyes light up.

“Wow!” she exclaimed. “But you still have more to go.”

With that Little Bree pulled the top of her panties down until I could just make out her cleft of Venus. Now my cock went full mast and I had to adjust my package to keep things comfy. When I reached down to move my hardon to a less painful position her eyes really lit up!

“Oh, I thought you were going to start jacking yourself off!” Bree said with a chuckle.

“Wha? No! I was just giving it more room. It hurt in.” I stammered before Bree cut me off.

“It’s OK. I know guys jack themselves off. I’ve seen my cousin do it before. And, if you are running out of room you can always pull your shorts over and show me your dick!”

Up to this point I had never let anybody know I jacked off and planned to keep it that way. I had also never shown anybody my dick since my parents gave me my bath. I wasn’t sure if she’d think it was big enough or what.?

“How about we both pull our bottoms over at the same time?” She suggested as she grasped hers ready to go.

I slowly put my fingers inside the leg of my shorts and started pulling them over making sure she reciprocated. Sure enough, she was! As the head of my cock was just coming into her view I was treated to a view of her clitoral hood. Wanting to see more I pulled my shorts way over so she could see the entire shaft and my balls.

My Little Bree friend pulled her panties over and then used her other hand to slightly spread her pussy lips. Now I could see her clit, her vagina, everything! A camcorder in my head switched on and began burning every nook and cranny of her pussy into my brain.

“Squeeze yourself and make some juice come out.” Bree commanded.

“Wha? I.”

“Just wrap your hand around it and squeeze it a little. I want to see your juice.” She demanded.

As she finished talking Bree stuck a finger slowly into her vagina and pulled it back out. It was covered in her pussy juice.

“Now show me yours!”

Hesitantly I gripped my cock and gave it a squeeze or two. As if on cue a drop of precum came out. This made Bree smile and she stuck her finger into her pussy again before pulling it out to show me her wetness and returning her gaze to my cock. Again I squeezed and added a tug before more of my precum oozed out and ran down the head of my cock.

Bree beamed with excitement and raised to fingers into the air before bringing them down and plunging them into her waiting pussy. I could tell it was a tight fit by how her puffy pussy lips gripped her fingers as she fucked herself. Instead of stopping like before Bree smiled a nervous smile and just kept finger fucking her pussy.

Not wanting to leave her the only one masturbating I took hold of my cock and started tugging. As precum came out I rubbed it around the head and shaft so I could stroke instead of tug.

Suddenly this thing took on a whole different atmosphere. Where before we were giggling and talking, now we were quiet and serious. Both of us started breathing heavier and heavier.

Bree stuck a finger from her free hand into her pussy and then brought it to my mouth. Instinctively I stuck out my tongue and she brushed her finger over it. I didn’t know what to make of the taste except that I wanted to taste more of it!

Again Bree stuck a finger into her pussy and brought it to my mouth. This time I sucked on her finger and she seemed to like the way it felt because he eyes rolled back in her head before she closed them. Bree began to moan and buck her hips. I could see her stomach muscles flexing. She was having an orgasm!

After several seconds she plucked her fingers from her crotch and giggled telling me how amazing that felt for her. I wanted to feel like that!

I stood up and really began working my cock while putting on a show for her. After a bit I slowed down and tugged my cock until a good amount of precum came out. Since I was standing up her face was only inches from my cock. Bree bent forward and licked the precum off the end of my prick!

“That tastes good!” She quipped.

I did some more tugging and produced more precum for her. This time she gave my cock head a big long lick and then popped the head into her mouth. As I worked my hand on the shaft she worked her lips and tongue all over my swollen glands!

It didn’t take very long for me to feel the urge to cum. I didn’t know what to do. Should I stop her and shoot it onto the ground? Does she actually want to taste it?

Too little time and too much indecision. My cum wad burst into her mouth and she got a wide eyed look. After several spurts Bree turned to spit my cum into the rocks as another hot blast hit her cheek. She smiled and wiped it off. Good, she actually enjoyed it!

“That was so cool! I can’t believe I let you cum in my mouth. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. How did you like my taste?” Bree was talking a mile a minute.

“It was good. Kind of weird. Like nothing I’ve ever tasted.” I responded to her question.

“We are definitely going to have to do this more often. But my mom and dad will be back any minute so you’d better get out of here!” Bree told me.

I got up, adjusted my shorts and Bree walked me to the side yard gate.

“Think of me when you go to bed tonight, okay?” She asked.

I responded, “I’ll probably think about you as soon as I get home!”

“I know, huh?” She said rhetorically with a giggle.

While moments like these can seem so far away, sites like Little Bree can bring them all back for you. It isn’t hard to remember the good times and even more some good times up!

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