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Posted By Teen Porn on 09/13/11 - Write A Comment!


Back when I was a youngster chicks had hairy pussies. The most a girl would do down there was trim things up for wearing a bikini. Even making a landing strip was considered taboo. In 1996 a site came online called and it changed the way American girls think about shaved pussies.

Why didn’t girls shave their pussies?


Well, some of the long standing thoughts on the subject held that if a girl shaved her pussy it was because she was a lesbian. If she trimmed it way down into a landing strip it meant she was a slut! I am not sure why or how these ways of thinking came to be accepted as truths, but they couldn’t have been further from the truth!

These days it is hard to find a girl with a hairy pussy. Even girls in high school completely shave their muff. I have banged middle aged women without a single pubic hair to speak of!

The name ALS Scan came about because:

  1. All of the Ladies are Shaved.
  2. In 1996 we didn’t have digital cameras so the images had to be Scanned it the computer.

ALS Scan finds the hottest babes in porn and amateur girls with no prior modeling experience. Some go solo and others get together for some sexy lesbian action!

The site updates on a daily basis and you can even preview the month coming up. Most videos run from 16 minutes to 30 minutes and the girls have real orgasms. Images are shot in high resolutions of over 3000 pixels and get extremely close up!


The videos are shot in 1920×1080, 8.0 MB/sec format so that everything stays crisp and clear. Even on your wide screen TV in the living room! Each video is also stepped down in resolution many times until it reaches sizes fit for cell phones and iPods/iPads. You can stream the videos in Flash or download them in Quicktime, WMV and DivX formats.

Small tits lovers will find this site to be a nubile body paradise. Wall to wall small breasts, shaved pussies and petite figures. With over 300 models you are going to have a "hard time" picking out a single girl to be your favorite, but you won’t have any difficulty having a good time while you figure it out!

Watch more shaved pussy videos at!

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