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Posted By Teen Porn on 11/09/11 - Write A Comment!


Natasha Shy was experimenting with her little teen cunny and found that if she rubbed it a certain way it felt good in a very explosive way. She spent the rest of the day and part of the evening rubbing her pussy until it was too tender to rub anymore!

The next day Natasha sought out her best friend in the whole wide world at school. She had to show her this new feeling she was having. Natasha set it up so they could meet after school at Natasha’s house and explore “something really cool”!

Her friend didn’t know what to make of Natasha’s giddiness. Natasha was usually a shy and introverted girl. What ever this was it certainly broke her out of her shell. Natasha’s friend was super curious about what it could be!

Natasha’s friend could sense her friends excitement and so she didn’t pull away when Natasha leaned in to kiss her. She wanted Natasha to know she was excited for her. More than that, she wanted Natasha to know she had feelings for her that she didn’t understand.


The kiss was very passionate. It made both girls wet between the legs. It also made both girls wonder if they were the only one getting turned on by tongue kissing another girl!


Her blonde friend let Natasha Shy have all of her. Before long Natasha was rubbing her friends pussy just like she rubbed her own. She wanted to show her that good feeling she experienced last night. while thinking of her!


Soon her friend was lost in her lustfulness. This blonde girl didn’t know what was coming next, she just wanted to consume more and more of the unbridled lust Natasha was providing to her.


Taking things a step further, Natasha thrust a finger into her friends pussy and rubbed her G-spot while groping her small tits. This sent her into a frenzy!


When it was time for her friend to cum Natasha gave her another passionate kiss. She wanted her blonde friend to associate this feeling with her. Natasha wanted to be the sole receiver of her love, and the sole source for her lust!


Once her orgasmic spasms finally subsided Natasha’s friend was back for another kiss. She couldn’t believe how amazing it felt to have someone working her orgasmic trigger like only another girl could.

Natasha’s pussy was still swollen and soar from the abuse she caused herself the night before, but she gritted her teeth and let her friend have her way with her anyway. Besides, her pussy needed some kisses to make it all better!

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