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Posted By Teen Porn on 11/17/11 - Write A Comment!


The weekend is coming so I figured I’d post something more exciting than grandpa’s old school porn. Sorry, grandpa, but times are a changing and nobody wants to see a forest down there anymore!

Today’s post spotlights two of my favorite small tits models, Shyla Jennings and Aaliyah Love kissing! The last time I checked it was still hot to watch two hot teen girls making out with each other.


A friend of mine recently had a birthday and we attended a frat party one of his nephews was throwing. Two young hotties showed up. One blonde, one a brunette. After some Jager and several games of beer pong they were ready to do our bidding. We had them making out and then competitively couch dancing my bro!

Crazy sluts!

Stupid us!!!

Nobody rolled any video of these two hotties. We were having such a good time seeing how far they’d go to win that we all forgot to record the fun!


I guess we’ll just have to settle for watching Shyla Jennings and Aaliyah Love going down on one another. Oh darn! LOL

At least these two are totally naked. Our small tits cuties at the party showed off their g-strings and their little tits, but that was about it. They didn’t go full lez on each other.

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