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Posted By Teen Porn on 01/10/12 - Write A Comment!


This shot from Club Seventeen totally reminds me of a punker girls panties I found my way into once back in school. She was all hardcore and very brutish, but then when I peeled off all of those dark, torn and twisted layers I find a pair of sky blue print panties waiting for me!

I was like. What the fuck?!?!

She got all bent out of shape and self conscious about them and wanted to end our one night stand right then and there. So I had to console her and play into her all eyes on me bullshit, but hey. She was a fantastic lay!

This cute little number is Alice. She would be perfect for January on a girl next door calendar. Her small tits couldn’t get much firmer than they are now. Under those cute panties of her there is a perfectly pink pussy. So tight and so darn beautiful!

You can Alice can take turns claiming who is the most dorky in the room. It is always nice when dorks like us are actually hot! If only every lab across America could have an Alice working in it!

By now I am sure you have heard of Club Seventeen, but if you haven’t I will cover some of the major details. No, there are no jailbait seventeen year old girls at The name hales from a day back when you could have 17yo models in your magazines in Europe, but since then America fucked that up. So they are all barely legal, but legal indeed!


I know. She is so dorkingly cute! (just made that word up!)

OK. So the site has been online for over a decade. It updates daily and has thousands of videos featuring thousands of naked girls. Some girls do multiple photo sets and videos. Actually, most of them do.

So get into the club at Club Seventeen!

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