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Posted By Teen Porn on 03/15/12 - Write A Comment!


What is that look for? Well, you already won a peak at Ariel’s little boobs, now you just hit a royal flush and she has to show you her pussy! Ariel recently shaved it because she wanted to look like the porn stars she saw on the Internet. Now she is embarrassed because she doesn’t know what you will think of her shave job!

I am sure you will be a good sport and you will give her some encourage-ment. Teen girls and some encouragement can go a long way. Just look at how often Ariel Rebel is showing you her little boobies now. Before you told her how sexy they were she was always self conscious about not being as big as the other girls at school. Now she is flashing them in public!


It’s OK kid. You are beautiful! Nobody is going to ever laugh at you. If they are giggling it is because they cannot believe they are seeing such a beautiful body in the flesh. They are just mentally pinching themselves and getting excited about not having woken up!


Spread ’em!


Wow, Ariel! That looks so beautiful.

It didn’t hurt did it? I hope not!

Were you scared putting a sharp razor so close to your pussy lips? I am so proud of you not letting the fear of physical pain or the pain of what people might say detour you!

Ariel Rebel is still shooting videos and pictures to this day. While many solo models sites have stopped updating she is still going strong. Her site updates several times a week and gives you access to an entire network of solo models sites and multi-model sites with teen girls.

Some of the girls, like Ariel, look so barely legal it will blow your mind. To this day she is super cute. Ariel does all of her own web design and artwork. It is like having that super-cute geek girl in high school all to yourself!

Take the tour to learn more about the network!

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