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Posted By Teen Porn on 06/30/12 - Write A Comment!


A girl has to be pretty fucking hot to get me to jackoff without her taking a single stitch of clothing off. Natasha Belle is that hot. Not that she doesn’t take her clothing off for her members. I am just saying this girl is flawless!

From her perky small tits to her cute button nose Natasha Belle has a way of making my balls tingle. Sometimes I am into booty and I like Emily 18 for those times. But other times I want a firm ass. A volleyball players ass. Natasha has one of those asses!


I was pretty lucky growing up in that I knew a girl like Natasha Belle. She taught me the art of the tease. Strange because in reality you come away from her thinking, damn, what a slut! But she never takes her clothes off!

This girl I knew used to like watching me jackoff while she showed me progressively more and more of herself. First it was her ass in her short-shorts, then it was her handbra small tits, then her camel toe panties. You get the idea.

It took weeks before I finally got to see her pussy and the entire time she got to watch me jackoff and shoot my cum all over the place. Slut!

If you like the tease and you like flawless girls now and then, get yourself a membership to Natasha Belle. You won’t be sorry. I assure you!

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