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And what do we have here?

It looks like Catie Minx wearing a sexy Raggedy Ann costume. How sweet this site is!

Never heard of Catie Minx? She is new to the Internet and is looking to become the hottest nerd babe in the solo model niche. She has the cutest perky small tits and a firm little bum for spanking. Catie is tall and very limber. She can tuck her feet behind her neck!

Think of the view of her tight teen pussy in that position!


Some of you might be wondering about the Halloween costume with the holiday so far away, but who says you and a special someone can’t do Cosplay throughout the year? Besides, it is hot this Summer and those panties let a lot of air in!

Catie Minx shares herself with her fans via her web cam chats. You can ask her to dress up, or do stuff like send her a special set of matching bra and panties. She will model them for you!



Just look at those perky small tits of hers. Catie Minx used to feel weird about them being so small, but now that she has seen quite a few girls with big tits naked, she is happier to have her perky little ones.

Take the tour and find out why nerds make better lovers!

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