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Posted By Teen Porn on 08/08/12 - Write A Comment!

-- Young Legal Porn2 --

The absolute best blowjob I have ever received was my first one. It happened back when I was in high school and it was a rather strange night.

Our group of friends were hanging out at a house where the parents went away for the weekend. We all ended up in the hot tub, but nobody brought trunks so we just went in our skivvies.

This girl I had a crush on was there and she was wearing a white pair of panties and a training bra. Her small tits barely made a dent in her bra cups. Once they got wet they were completely see through. With a mixture of alcohol and pot in her system she was open to doing just about anything anybody asked of her. At this point it was to be our bar bitch so we could see her nipples, pussy and ass each and every time we needed a drink.

We made real sure to never finish a drink at the same time so she would have to do double duty. She was smart in so many ways, but completely naive when it came to sexual harassment.

-- Young Legal Porn --

After a while everybody was getting dehydrated in the hot tub so we all retreated to the house. Our party became almost like a toga party since everyone was wearing beach blankets.

My crush and I somehow ended up sitting next to each other and we started talking. The host passed out some cream filled cum cakes. Oops, cupcakes. and this girl starts eating one of them. She got some cream on her lip and when I went to tell her about it, pointing at her lip, she lunged forward and took my index finger into her mouth.

The sensation was wild. Her tongue felt amazing. Her mouth as so soft and so were her lips. Everything was warm inside there. My dick jumped at the thought of replacing my finger.

Just as soon as it had started it had ended. She resumed eating her cupcake. When she got to her last bite I stole some frosting off the top of it with my finger and held it up to her face. She closed her eyes and again gave my finger a blowjob. I had to get this girl upstairs!

I yanked my finger out of her mouth and grabbed her by the hand pulling her up the stairs with me. We found an empty room and dashed inside locking the door behind us. Our lips met and we kissed passionately. I felt her grab my cock as she pushed me towards the bed.

With a plop I fell back onto the bed. She knelt in front of me and undid my pants. My cock was rock hard and already spurting out precum which she used to lube a few strokes of my cock.

This girl took half of my cock into her mouth and began working her tongue all over the head of my cock while her hand pumped the base. The pumping action caused my cock skin to move across her lips adding more sensation into the mix.

It didn’t take long for me to shoot my load down this girls throat. She swallowed it just as fast as I shot it into her mouth. I had begun to wonder if she has ever done this before?

Just then there was a loud knocking on the bedroom door. The brother of the party host had come home and apparently we were in his room. I buttoned up my pants and we bolted to the door hoping he’d go soft on us. When I opened the door he looked ready to beat the crap out of me. Then he saw his crush standing there before him. She smiled, I left the two of them and headed downstairs.

Later on they came downstairs and she had a hard time making eye contact with me. I was happy for the blowjob. If she wasn’t going to be my girl, oh well!

She planted a big, soppy, wet kiss on his lips and they shared some tongue. Then she broke it off and smiled at me. I laughed. He was tasting my cum. LOL!

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