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Posted By Teen Porn on 10/11/12 - Write A Comment!


Somebody was searching for Kimmy Teen and I remembered this gallery from her site. In it Kimmy and a small tits friend temp you with their teen bodies wearing less and less in each shot until they are both in their skivvies!


This particular set reminded me of an encounter I had once with the daughter of a family I was staying with. She was a little toothpick like Kimmy Teen with long legs and a freckled face. Her little boobies were just beginning to grow. We both had a crush on each other and we both knew it!

This girl caught me masturbating once when she barged into my room unannounced. I quickly flipped over and pretended to be asleep. She wasn’t buying it, but what could she do? Her parents were home and she didn’t want to create a scene.

Later in the week her parents went out and left us alone. She had invited a friend over and she was just as gorgeous as my little Kimmy look-a-like was. She also had red hair and freckles with long slender legs and small tits.

The evening started out normal with me watching TV on the couch and the girls in Kimmy’s room. I could hear them giggling and then I heard the other girl blurt out the word gross. My heart sank and my blood ran cold in my chest. Did Kimmy Teen just tell her she caught me masturbating?

Suddenly her door burst open and both girls walked into the living room wearing flimsy tops with no bras and panties. They bounded onto the couch across the room and started dancing coyly. As they rubbed up on one another my cock started getting uncomfortably excited.

Kimmy’s friend pointed at my growing penis and began to giggle. “Look, he is getting a hardon!” She said excitedly.

They both began to giggle and dance more which made my prick turn into a full grown cock.

“Show us how you rub it, pervert boy,” her friend commanded before laughing.

This made Kimmy upset and she chastised her friend for saying it. Then Kimmy bent forward and whispered something into her ear to which she said, “Okay!” With another giggle.

Now both of the girls danced in place rolling their hips in circles as they lifted their shirts up to show just the bottoms of their boobs. I had a hard time focusing because their gyrations were causing their panties to go up inside their pussy lips. Should I look at their camel toes or their boobs?

“I’ll tell you what,” Kimmy began. “If you unzip your shorts and take ‘it’ out we will take off our shirts and dance for you.”

The offer was crazy. I had never shown my dick to a girl before. Would they think it was big enough? I had seen some magazines before and it seemed as big as the ones in the magazines. but?!?!

The girls could tell I wanted to watch them so they upped the ante. Kimmy’s friend offered, “If you take out your dick and you pull on it for us we will lick each others nipples!” Kimmy blushed hard at this latest offer and shot her friend a cool look.

I liked this offer much better than the last and began unzipping my shorts. As my zipper went down the girls turns around showing me their cute little butt cheeks. They both pulled up their shirts looking over their shoulders at me to match my progress. Once I had my zipper all the way down they pulled off their shirts holding them to the side.

It was the moment of truth. I quickly pulled my cock out and it popped up swaying back and forth. In unison the girls turns around and shook their small boobs. Kimmy’s boobs didn’t shake back and forth as they weren’t big enough, but her friends did a little. They looked at my cock expectantly waiting for me to pull on it.

As I gripped my hand around the base of my cock some precum came out of the top. Instinctively I brought my palm up and smeared it over the head before bringing my hand back down to the base. This made the head glisten with my precum coating it.

Kimmy bent down in front of her friend until her mouth was an inch away from her breast. She flicked her tongue on the nipple which made her friend giggle and twitch reflexively. I pulled up on my cock as if to say, “Continue.”

My crush closed her eyes and took her friends boob into her mouth. I could tell it felt good as her friend cradled her head into her chest letting out a low moan. Her friend looked over at my cock and I started pumping.


After about a minute Kimmy broke her lip-lock on her friend tit and ran her soft tongue over her nipple so I could see what she was doing while her mouth was clamped down. My thoughts began to wonder about how great it would feel to have her doing that to my cock.

Kimmy stood back up and her friend got down to business on her boob. As she did Kimmy stuck a finger into her own mouth and began sucking it as though she were giving it head. Now I didn’t have to think so hard about it. I could almost feel her mouth on my cock!

My balls felt like they were going to explode. Both girls turned towards me grinding their hips and bending over so their boobs hung down as they gave me some encouragement. Even Kimmy’s small tits swayed a bit as she reached her hand out in a mock jackoff motion.

“Come on, baby. Cum for us!” She commanded.

My cum shot straight up and landed all over my shorts. As it exploded like fireworks the girls ooh-ed and ahh-ed.


Kimmy Teen camel toe panty video.

Watch the kinky videos and view every picture set in the members area immediately after joining. Kimmy isn’t holding anything back! She even gives you access to her friends like Little Danni and Debbie Teen. Big boobs lovers will like Busty Alli.

All of the girls will provide you with girl next door fantasies for years to cum!

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