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Odds are long before you got your dick wet inside her tight virgin pussy her hairbrush enjoyed that sort of comfort on a nightly basis!

Most girls won’t fess up to having tried it, but using a hairbrush to masturbate has long been the technique of choice for small tits girls that are too young to be able to buy sex toys. Catching them is often as easy as smelling the handle of their brush. In the beginning they are often careful and clean the brush handle after using it to masturbate. Over time, though, they get sloppy putting it back in the drawer coated in their pussy’s juice.


Once a girl is masturbating with her hairbrush she becomes more open to the idea of trying other things from around the house. Everything from dinner candles to turkey basters find their way inside her pussy cleft. Some don’t stop at things inside the home and move to the garage!

Club Seventeen captures girls in both pictures and videos doing what they do naturally. Watch barely legal girls experiment with making their pussy feel good and then use that knowledge on other girls, or with boys.

There are thousands of girls and thousands of videos in the archives. The site updates daily and has been doing so for over a decade! It would take you months of back to back viewing to see all of the Club Seventeen videos in their entirety. You had better get started and we have a massive discount offer of 79% off that allows you to stream until your heart’s content!

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