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Posted By Teen Porn on 01/06/13 - Write A Comment!


I find it funny how girls do everything in their power to avoid this look. No I am not talking about the barely legal finger in the mouth look. Women spend big money trying to get back to that look again. I am talking about the stringy haired look. My own GF will do stuff like rub talcum powder into her hair to dry it up to avoid even the minimalist case of stringy hair. Why?

The funny shit is that guys love this look. Guys don’t know it is a fashion faux pas. They grew up reading Playboy and looking at Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues. In them they saw girls with wet stringy hair at the beach or all oiled up for a photo shoot. To guys stringy hair is sexy. Maybe it is because it reminds them of what a girl looks like after a hot and sweaty sex session?

Emily 18 has plenty of stringy hair photo sets and even a few videos of her sporting the hairdo. I am a big fan of giving a congratulation over hating on someone for looking like a hawt slut after a heated night of sex. I wish everybody felt that way. We might see world peace in 2013!

In this particular set you also get to see a very fluffy and full Emily18. Probably the most chubby set she has. I like her barely legal petite sets and I like her thicker sets as well. What can I say? I am an equal opportunity teen sex fiend!

So enjoy this chunky Emily 18 picture gallery and have a great week!

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