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Posted By Teen Porn on 01/17/13 - Write A Comment!


I think the last time I saw something like this it was while I was still in school. A friend of mine went down the slide while we were at the park and she was wearing a skirt. At the end of the ride she instinctively parted her legs to land and I got a great view of her panties. From then on she was my favorite fantasy at night for months. It wasn’t until I actually got inside those panties on Prom night that I switched up the visual to her actual pussy. Then again, I still came back to this shot in my memory ever now and then. Even after we broke up.

Every now and then I used to tease that girl about her little girls panties. She would get so flustered about it. While all of the other girls were switching to thongs and lacey style panties she still preferred her cotton bikini style ones. Not that I wanted her to change. I actually enjoyed her panties. I must have unloaded a gallon or two of cum into those things when I jerked off into them in the bathroom!


This shot reminds me of her in our motel room after the Prom. She wanted to be "sexy," but she had no idea how to do it. She gave me a very silly strip show during which we both laughed hysterically. The high point was in receiving my first blowjob. We had fucked a few times before that, but nothing can match the softness and warmth inside a girls mouth!

Normally I could last hours if need be. My friends always joked that I should become a porn star because I could cum on cue. But this time I came in three or four minutes. I wanted her to think giving blowjobs was cool. It worked. She gave me a blowjob a few times a week after that. She would always ask for pointers and tips on how to do it better the next time. Who ever married that bitch owes me!


It really is too bad more girls don’t wear these old style panties anymore. When I got with my current girlfriend I actually tricked her into thinking a pair I had plucked from a past girlfriend decades before were brand new and a present for her. God am I ever a bad man! LOL

But now I get to enjoy those panties all over again!

If you like the old school bikini panties I suggest you get a membership to Just as the sites name would suggest they have thousands of completely legal, but very young looking, girls wearing things only skinny girls can still fit into. Like their little old panties!

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