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Posted By Teen Porn on 03/02/13 - Write A Comment!

They didn’t have vibrating tooth brushes back when I was a kid. Had they been around I would have been giving them away as presents during the holidays to girls in my school. One of the girls I dated used to enjoy masturbating in front of me. One of my favorites things to watch her doing was when she ran the bath water over her pussy until she achieved orgasm. Suddenly the butt rubbing on the bathtub sound my sister would make ten minutes before getting out of her bath made perfect sense.

Yeah, I didn’t have the option of watching that old flame of mine masturbate with a vibrating tooth brush, but I can watch Craving Carmen masturbating with a vibrating toothbrush on her site. She loves to explore herself sexually knowing that guys are watching her.

It is easy to watch her since her vagina is the quintessential pussy that all other pussies strive to match. Truly a pussy you can and should crave!

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