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I am one of those underdog kind of guys. Perhaps that is why I am always falling hard for girls that are different from the rest in some way. Sure Natasha Belle’s blue eyes have contacts to make them more vibrant, but that isn’t why I find her so captivating. I like her because of her seriously pink nipples. They are different than most girls and that drives my libido wild!

The fact that her pink nipples are located on top of some small tits also helps. This girl is one of those natural wonders to me. How does a model that is so striking do porn on the Internet? I can’t be too vocal about that question because I wouldn’t want her to ask it of herself. I love it that she has decided to share her most intimate parts and moments with us.

The photos at Natasha Belle are 4000 pixels resolution and the videos are shot in HD at 1080p. Her skin is so flawless that you will find yourself zooming in to her most delicate features.

Members can also private message chat with Natasha to see how she is doing, what she is up to, receive info on upcoming shoots and even find out if Natasha is going to be appearing somewhere in your neck of the woods.

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