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Posted By Teen Porn on 08/27/13 - Write A Comment!


I write extensively on girls with small tits. Today I am going to switch things up for a bit by writing a little post about a naturally busty teen named Samantha Jay from While I am a sucker for a girl with perky small tits, I am an even bigger sucker for girls with huge natural boobs and a nerdy overall appearance.

While growing up I dated quite a few of these girls. Guys overlook them in school because they were clothes that don’t show off just how top heavy they are. Cheerleaders drool over having such large breasts. These girls actually consider it a curse to have them. If you can believe that.


One thing that is common with most of these girls is that they will do anything for love. My first anal sex was with a big breasted girl. My first phone sex was with a double-D girl at age seventeen. Glasses? They only add to the expectation of getting some groovy sexy time out of the girl.

You can find smoking hot babes and busty teen nerds by the dozens on Their site is dedicated to girls with a well endowed top side. You might even find a few girls that look like a girl you once banged. Or wanted to bang!

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