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Posted By Admin on 05/27/20 - Write A Comment!

When a man becomes a sissy, is he really still a man? I guess that question is open for debate and a very long one I might add. Men like to know that they’re the strong ones in a relationship, they are macho and the protector of the female and they get their jollies from doing it.

You’d have to be in full denial if you think men don’t get control from this. It often goes to their head and before you know it you have a Rambo living in the house with you. In the times that we live in now, things are often changing for the better and we’re progressing at a state that men are getting less and less control by the day.

Using my sissy Husband to beg for my attention is just one way that I make sure to let him know who’s really in charge. This comes from a life of them usually getting what they want but sooner or later they meet a woman who isn’t going to take it so easily.

When a woman puts her foot down you either do what she asks or you get the hell out of her way. A scorned woman can be a powerful thing and I don’t need to tell most of you that. When a husband, boyfriend, or even a fuck buddy learns to just give in he makes it his moment to shine like never before. This isn’t a direction that all men want to take, but you should make it yours!

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