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Posted By Teen Porn on 06/13/12 - Write A Comment!


College is an awesome place. It puts small tits girls back into their place again. They leave high school as seniors thinking they are all high and mighty, but once they get to freshman orientation they are right back where they started four years ago. Ready and willing to make a good impression!

It really doesn’t matter how much confidence a girl graduates high school with, once she is in college she is naive and self conscious again! Hot little teens with small tits like the one above and again ready to suck your cock just so you and your frat brothers will like them. and give them beer.

If you don’t have the time or the money to go back to college I have news for you. You can relive those good times at! They do all of the hustling for you so you can save mad cash and tons of time!

The Porn Pros have been making porn for years and now they are seriously stepping up their game. Their sites include such gems as 40oz Bounce and Deep Throat Love. A good and kinky one you might like is called Jurassic Cock. Old men fucking young teens!

Find more 18 years old hotties all in one place with a Porn Pros network pass. You might want to put a rush on it. These little ladies aren’t going to stay 18 years old forever!

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Amai Liu had just barely turned 18 years old when she met one of her older brother’s skater friends. He couldn’t take his eyes off of this cute little nympho. Her small tits were barely making a presence under her tight top and her teeny skirt kept popping up showing her cute little panties.

With you get just what the name insinuates – fresh 18 year old girls that are barely legal and super tight. While other sites are using “girls” in their twenties and thirties, only 18 Years Old has the balls (or lack thereof) to use real 18yo girls!

Along with the flagship site you get an entire armada of sites from the Porn Pros network. The list is huge so it’d be better if you just took the tour on the Porn Pros site for the entire list.

And, as always, enjoy the show!

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Hot. Dawwwg!

One of the scariest things about banging a new chick is having her see your cock for the first time. Is she going to think it is big? Is she going to appreciate the color scheme?

I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to know that Tessa Taylor is truly amazed by the site of this hard member. In fact, it looks like she already has some crazy ideas on what to do with it. Namely put it into her warm, wet, perdie mouth!

With one password to 18 Years Old you get barely legal sex on a grand scale. As a Porn Pros member you also get access to dozens of other sites like Jurassic Cock and Teen BFF. With a huge network you get multiple daily updates and hundreds, upon hundreds, of girls to choose from!

As I often say, take the tour and check the join page for more juicy details. Until then, see you in the Porn Pros members area!

Oh, and you have to see this girls vagina!

Posted By Teen Porn on 01/28/11 - Write A Comment!

Kacey Jordan

Hey, if she is good enough for Charlie Sheen, she is good enough for me! Kacey Jordan has been giving some massive interviews recounting what went on before Charlie had to be checked into a hospital. Apparently the A-list actor and the A-list porn star engaged in heavy drinking, massive drug usage and went on a wild pornographic rampage!

I wouldn’t say that I am a porn addict, but I will say that I know a thing or two about porn. Charlie Sheen has some exceptional taste in porn stars and with her petite figure and small tits it is becoming more and more obvious that Charlie likes the barely legal look!

Hey, there is nothing wrong with that and 18 Years Old has plenty of Kacey Jordan. Not to mention, is part of the Porn Pros network and the entire network is filled with hot videos of this barely legal hottie!

Posted By Teen Porn on 01/20/11 - Write A Comment!


A lot of things came together at the same time when Emily 18 started modeling on the web. She had just turned 18 years old and her body was just starting to wake up sexually. Her small tits were brand new with puffy nipples. Her tiny butt started turning into a young girls version of a bubble butt. You can totally tell that Emily is a bit nervous in these photos. She has to be wondering if we will like them!

As it would turn out, guys found Emily18 simply adorable! They couldn’t get enough of her. Even with three updates a week it seemed like torture waiting for the next episode!

If you are brand new to you will be happy to know that there are years of updates already in her members area. Obviously guys are drawn to this little nubile because she looks a lot younger than she really is. Imagine what she looks like in her bright colored clothes playing on a jungle gym! Or don’t! Grab a password and see for yourself inside!

Past members will find that Emily started shooting her new content in high definition and now Emily 18 gets completely nude! No more blowing up panty shot pics in Photoshop and trying x-ray techniques to see what is under those panties, Emily is ready to show you!

Take the Emily 18 tour and fall in love with a naturally beautiful sweetheart!

Posted By Teen Porn on 01/23/10 - Write A Comment!

Gracie Glam & Ally Kay

You know. I usually reserve this blog for solo models because I am a homophobe. there. I said it. I am a homophobe and I don’t like seeing another man’s junk in my porn. However, one look at Ally Kay, the blond above, and I was in love with her tits. Cute, little A-cups that look like they would dissolve in your mouth!

18 Years Old takes babes that are barely legal and initiates them into the porn lifestyle. I am not 100% agreeable with that lifestyle. I guess I lack the need to degrade women or to shoot my load in their eyeball to feel like a man. Am I crazy or what?

So anyway, Ally Kay’s small tits made my dick wanna burst bad enough that I looked deeper into the site and found many more girls with similarly flat chests. Enough girls that I decided to plunk down some of my hard earned cash. oops! Don’t tell the misses please!

As it turns out 18 Years Old is part of the Porn Pros network. They have over 20 sites and a few up them were also right up my ally. While I love looking at barely legal cuties like the ones above, I also like girls with some grip in the hips. possibly a Freud thing. 40oz Bounce handles those cravings!

Most of the sites in this network are too freaky. Even for me. But, it is nice to have variety and I am sure you have sub-niches you enjoy that differ from mine. So there you go, 18 Years Old. The Porn Pros. Try em out for less an $1 a day!

Posted By Teen Porn on 11/24/08 - Write A Comment!


It should be painfully obvious by now that I really enjoy solo models like Emily 18 and Kylie James, but once in a while I like variety and finding a good way to spend a small amount of dough and receive a large amount of flappable porn is hard to come by. Until now.

The guys over at developed the 8Teenies Pass! You get 4 hot solo models and 4 raging multi-girl sites for the price of a dinner and a movie. Plus, unlike real chicks these girls won’t nag you or spend your cash on lame shit.

8Teenies finds hot young, barely legal models and a few coeds. None of the girls are over 23 years old and none of them look old enough to legally buy a drink (in the USA). finds girls that just turned 18 years old and shoots them in 3000px photos, plus 1280x720px high definition videos. The Your 18 models go “all the way”.

Bad Girl Mag finds the sluttiest barely legal babes on the Internet and puts them through their paces. Casting Bang is where the details of the girls first sex on camera comes out via high def videos. Be gentle with them, they are rookies. NOT!

The solo girls sites are Flexi Becky, the very barely legal and often hardcore ex-Russian gymnast. Nastya18 and Camile18, both sandy blonde pert tits hotties. And last but not least, Anja18. A C-Cup brunette with a banging body and the cutest shaved puter you will ever see.

How these people can afford to give away so much porn for so little cash is beyond me. I suggest you jump on this offer before they come to their senses.

Posted By Teen Porn on 10/30/08 - Write A Comment!
Halloween is just around the corner and I have to ask, doesn’t Amai Liu from look like the tastiest little treat? The boys at 18 Years Old thought so when they saw her working the pumpkin patch and decided to bring her home for a little taste.

At 18 Years Old the motto is, 19 is too fucking old! All of the girls are not only 18, they are a barely legal 18 year olds to boot.

Speaking of barely legal girls, I just spent some time hunting wild boar and hanging with my nephew. He goes to college out in Central California and kept bringing 18 year old babes home for nightly parties. After spending a couple days around girls I could look at but couldn’t touch, videos are going to be a nice release.

The girls at 18 Years Old have tight bodies. Small and pert titties. No stretch marks. Firm little buns. Warm and moist pink pussies waiting to get poked. They look just like the babes my lucky-mother-fucking nephew is banging on a nightly basis. is your chance to see the girls you can’t get next to anymore. A place to dream about the old days. It is also part of a larger network of sites run by the Porn Pros. One password gets you access to several sites in several niches.

If you were planning on spending this Halloween alone spend it with the girls at 18 Years Old instead. You will be glad you did!

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