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Back when I was a youngster chicks had hairy pussies. The most a girl would do down there was trim things up for wearing a bikini. Even making a landing strip was considered taboo. In 1996 a site came online called and it changed the way American girls think about shaved pussies.

Why didn’t girls shave their pussies?


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ALS Scan. What a strange fucking name right? Actually, back in it’s day the name made a lot of sense. You see, this site has been open since 1996. It was around before,,, and a hundreds more sites you enjoy every day.

ALS stands for All Ladies Shaved. This was the first site to feature nothing but girls with shaved pussy. Pretty much all sites have girls with shaved pussy now, but prior to 2004, almost no sites did!

Scan refers to how things were done back then. We didn’t have digital photography back in 1996 so the operators of the site literally had to scan in the images.

They must have been doing something right because they are one of the only sites from back then that survived! is updating daily and often updates several times a day. With archives dating back to 1996 you know you have a big adventure ahead for you!

No other site has such a large collection of small tits models with shaved pussies. Dozens of solo models from years past have shot with ALS Scan. Find your favorite right now!

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Class, can you give a warm hand of applause to Adele from ALS Scan?

ALS Sc. what? It’s an abbreviation for All Ladies Shaved. Back in 1996 when the site opened the Internet was pretty much brand new. Back then pics were called scans because you scanned them into the computer and shot them on regular film. Digital wasn’t even invented yet!

The site updates daily and usually flips between a video or a picture set each new day. Most of the girls have small tits and look rather barely legal. was the first site to feature girls with shaved pussies exclusively.

It’s hard to believe in today’s climate, but back then they caught a lot of flack for, "trying to make girls look like jailbait." Even with her shaved pussy Adele doesn’t look like jailbait to me. She just looks like she has a clean, inviting, tasty looking pussy!

Since all of the girls are shaved this site has camel toe in just about every set and in most of the videos. Girls masturbate solo and go bisexual with other models. Many of the sets are shot outdoors and sometimes in public places. My personal fav is the lesbian pool videos. Nothing beats seeing a hottie in a wet bikini with camel toe showing. except for two hotties in wet bikinis with camel toe showing!

If you haven’t seen this site before grab a pass to ALS Scan. With 14 years under the belt there is so much content you couldn’t download it all in one month even if you wanted to!

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