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With deep brown eyes Emery would be just another teen girl with small tits. Kinda cute, but not super cute by any means. Luckily she was born with pale blue eyes and they give her that exotic look blue eyed wolves have. You want to tame her!

Sweet Apples is great at finding the girl next door with some kind of exotic quality that puts them over the top. They have been open for years and the girls are all over the board when it comes to categories like hair color, eye color and body type.

My personal favorites are the ones with small tits, but they do have some with big tits and petite figures and big boobs with a chunky butt!


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I haven’t had a girl with tits this small in my bed since Bill Clinton was President of the United States. Come to think of it, ole’ Bill probably hasn’t has a set of chloe-18/5757/teen.htm”>small tits like these since then either!

Please tell me that the last time you enjoyed titties this tiny and nubile wasn’t all the way back when John Kennedy was running things?!?!

You can experience girls with small tits all over again with a pass to Chloe 18. She explores her new found sexual desires while you watch! Things can get pretty kinky when a girl is experimenting with what feels good!

Along with her chloe-18/5758/teen.htm”>masturbation videos you get to see her try her techniques on her girlfriends like Little Summer and Teen Topanga. Chloe always gets super excited when she finds a new way to pleasure herself. Once she gets home from school she invites a friend over to show her what she learned. These days she is learning a lot!


When you join with a ” target=”_blank”>Tiny Teen Pass you get unlimited access to dozens of sites. Imagine over 30 solo models with small tits sharing their world with you!

Now stop imagining and start living at!

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As the old saying goes, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Today the grease will be all over Lorelei’s ass. Why? Because at Flower Tucci that is how things are done. Tons of petroleum products and lots of skin!

Someone searched for Lorelei Lee and it is easy to see why. This blonde bombshell puts the B in bomb! She has ass-a-plenty and a sweet set of palm-able tits. I can already taste her nipples!

Sure, I like em young like Nubiles, but once in a while it is nice to bounce back to reality. The reality of it is America has more women like Lorelei Lee than it does of Emily 18. So here I am fulfilling a request and wondering what it’d be like to have two 40 inch plus babes blowing my cock at the same time!

Flower Tucci has stopped updating her site recently. She is on a tour of America doing shows, strip clubs, guest shoots for other porn stars sites and what not. I hope she comes back soon. is like a window into the life of a porn star goddess. She has all of the hottest porn stars stopping by and having sex. Tons of big tits, wide ass girls.

Being a member of Flower Tucci has its benefits. One of the is Pure 18. As a member of you get unlimited access to the entire Reality Kings network. There are over 25 sites to choose from and multiple daily updates.

Remember, use the search feature if you want to request your favorite girl for a review or send it to me at rhinos girls at j2media dot net. Will be right back with some more /” target=”_blank”>Little Bree!

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Emily 18 is so fucking sweet!

Her small tits are sweet. Her cute bubble ass is sweet. Her youthful and fresh face is sweet. Who wouldn’t want to taste this barely legal babes nipples? I bet they are sweet too!

For quite some time we were left to wonder if Emily18’s pussy was also sweet. Recently she started going full nude and as it turns out, her pink little pussy is extra sweet!  has updates three times a week and all of them are shot in high definition. Some of her older stuff isn’t in high definition. To bad too because Emily 18 started shooting for her site days after she turned 18. If you think she looks barely legal in her most recent episodes, wait until you see her earlier stuff!

One of the best videos at Emily18 is of her in her swimming pool in the backyard. There is something about seeing that cold pool water turn the nipples on her small tits hard. Her skin is a perfect tan. You can just imagine how good this girl would taste!

You can find more of her by using the search box to the right or checking the related posts section. When you are finally ready to take the plunge you can join Emily 18 and talk to her on her private message board.

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Anyone want to take a crack at why guys go to college in states with cold Winters? The snow bunnies of course! While Kylie James currently lives in Southern California, her Northern roots are obvious. I mean, just look at that ass. A fuckable, spankable, blubbery butt that screams, “Lets cuddle!” is a brand new solo model site for guys that are into the girl next door and barely legal types. I’d like to think that this girl is old enough to give consent, but those baby blue eyes and her baby face make it hard to believe!

Kylie updates her site twice a week with exclusive content. Kylie James gets totally nude in her members area and she often poses with other girls of almost the same caliber looks.

Anyone into cheeky booties and teens with firm full boobs will find Kylie James a fresh new addition to their porn collection.

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From time to time I come across a real gem. Candid Bob is one of those gems. Wall to wall young teens mixed with college coeds and even a few river MILF to spice things up.

Candid Bob goes out to some of world’s best beaches (like Huntington Beach above) and spies hot, young and beautiful girls next door. Along with taking their own photos they also accept members submissions so their collection of candid beach pics is large enough to justify buying that larger external drive you have your eyes on.

Right now they are running a special with two other candid photo sites. You get all three for only $21.95. You won’t find this low of a price or a larger collection of candid photography anywhere else. Candid Bob has been online now for 5 years and updates almost every day. You can imagine how immense the members area is.

Most of the photos are shot in 2400×1600 and take up a 24″ monitor in full screen. Imagine how close to that teenage pussy you will feel when viewing his site on a 17″ or 19″ monitor!

Candid Bob has more than just candid photos. You get candid videos too. Hot, beach water wet, teenage tits flopping around on video. Firm, spankable teenage booty videos. Upskirt on video. This guy is a pervert extraordinaire  and he brings home the goods!

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Asian Girl in Yellow Bikini
Kari Sweets

If you are anything like me then you probably feel the same way I do when it comes to teen sites. When I plunk down hard earned cash buying a teen site membership all I ask is that it have at least one teen model on the fucking thing! is one teen model web site that has this concept covered. Kari Sweets is definately a teen model. No mistaking it. When she does high school bleacher pics, I get a sense she could actually be attending that school. The heart starts to thumping and things begin to happen downstairs.

Not only is Kari Sweets a teen model, she is a hot teen model. With out a doubt, Kari’s web site touches on a lot of things a guy like me can savor. First, Kari has an ass like no other teenager on the planet. I don’t think they made teen ass like Kari’s back when I was in high school.

Next, Kari loves to wear skimpy panties and she loves to show them off. Well, Kari my dear, I have to say thank you because I love looking at your panties. Each week updates with a video and picture set of Kari modeling those oh-so-cute panties.

Finally, Kari Sweets is a smart little cookie. She has had me rebilling now for a little over a year. Why? Because Kari doesn’t let you see the goods. Whahhht??? Hey, reader, your cigar just fell out of your mouth and hit the floor. Get it, I’ll wait…

No really, she does not get completely naked and that is a good thing. Now I know you are probably wondering, "How this can be a good thing?" And I will inform you. Once a model gives up the goods, you want to leave… the fantasy is over. It is just like back in high school. Boy meets girl. Boy gets girl. Boy meats girl. Boy leaves girl and tells all his buddies that she is a slut.

Kari is no slut so if you join keep that in mind. Speaking of minds, prepare to be mind-fucked by this flirtacious little devil because she has been driving men bananas for over two years now and has gotten quite good at it.

In addition to the twice weekly updates members also get access to her message board, extra stuff like wallpapers and contest prizes and the twelve thousand +plus photos guys like me have been enjoying for some time now… Go ahead and get in, the pussy is warm!

Find More Kari Sweets

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Night Invasion

Warning: This website contains content only a true pervert would enjoy viewing. If you are one of those perverts, keep reading, if not, move along!

So I am looking for something to post and I come across the most perverted website on the internet. A website that caters to some of the deepest, darkest desires of man. Sex with sleeping women. He likes to call them Night Invasions.

The guy that runs isn’t any different than you or me, he just has the balls to bring his fantasy to the Internet. And what a nice guy he is for doing so. Each week he enters the room of a sleeping teen girl. Sometimes they are college coeds and other times just some random chick he finds in bars, clubs, etc.

While the girls are sleeping he disrobes them. Upon getting them naked he touches their nipples, making them hard. He rubs their bums and massages their inner theighs. Sometimes you can see their pussy juice running down their legs as they are getting turned on, while sleeping!

Eventually he smears some of that pungent pussy juice over their clits and gives them a little rub. The girls moan in pleasure believing this is all a dream. If he feels daring enough he will slip a finger inside her warm soft pussy.

At the end of the encounter he will try to feed his cock to her. Sometimes he successfully gets it into her mouth for a few strokes. Other times he just lets his precum glisten off of her lips. Occasionally he actually gets a girl to stay their long enough to cum in her mouth!

Talk about your unique website ideas. This one is so good it is sick. So perverted it is brilliant. The guy also runs 8 more sites with similar brilliance and he gives you access to all of them when you join any one of them.

I can sense your heart pounding already! Go get your Night Invasion password now!

Find More Night Invasion!

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Joon Mali Camel Toe

A more perfect example of Natural Camel Toe I have yet to find!

Sure, any girl with a pussy crack can pull her panties up into it. And, yes, it looks great. For some reason it touches a nerve normally untouched. Some where deep down inside every warm blooded man there is this hidden hunger for camel toe. A hunger you didn’t even know you had until you have seen your first camel toe.

To get that oh-so-sexy natural camel toe a girl has to do a lot of prep. First she has to be born with a pussy that doesn’t resemble a pastrami sandwich. After that she has to shave her pussy bare around the crack. She can leave a landing strip up top but something poofy just won’t do. It’ll look like a neanderthal camel toe and no one wants to look at that.

Joon Mali is one of those lucky girls. She was born with a tight pussy resembling a vertical smile. She shaves her pussy very smooth and then rubs oil into it for a nice sheen.

You can watch crystal clear videos of Joon Mali masturbating her pussy at She updates her website with new videos and pictures of that smooth pussy and bubble butt three times a week. The videos are downlable and come in Windows Media, Real Player and Video IPOD formats. Perfect for the man on the go!

This asian teen also takes requests, but my favorites are when she open mouth kisses her friends like Lily Koh. Those two together make for a great pair of curious girls.

When you can’t make it to Thailand, brings Thailand to you!

Find More Joon Mali!

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