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Posted By Teen Porn on 05/31/11 - Write A Comment!


Lots of girls play dress up. Francesca Dani turned it into a career! She is quite possibly the most well known Cosplay model outside of Japan. Inside Japan she is considered to be a highly regarded foreign Cosplay model! Getting honors from the Japanese ain’t easy!

Francesca Dani has been modeling since 1998 and began turning it into a career in 2002. Her site is filled with her photos and and they span all the way back to the beginning! It’s strange, but, you can’t even tell this girl is aging as you move through the years!

Along with the Cosplay, Francesca also poses in bikinis, bra and panty sets, lingerie and more! She is always adorable no matter what she is dressed in and she is often dressed in something that leaves little to the imagination!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 12/03/10 - Write A Comment!


Is there really any reason to wonder why guys like Asian girls? Isn’t it pretty obvious that it is because Asian girls look younger than they really are, and that even at 27 years old most Asian girls look like they are still barely legal?

Sex Asian 18 is your best source for barely legal Asian girls that look a lot younger than they really are. They not only have high resolution galleries of these Asian idols, they also have DVD quality movies! And we all know how the Japanese like to dress their girls up in Cosplay uniforms!

The update schedule at Sex Asian 18 is pretty intense. They add three new movies a day and five new galleries a week! I don’t know how they make money on such an intense schedule, but I do know it’s possible to unload cum by the bucket load while viewing the updates!

Each model at Sex Asian 18 has several photo sets and often has many, if not dozens, of videos. If you like watching your Japanese porn on your cell phone they have a version of the site geared specifically for doing just that!

It all boils down to the fact that the Japanese aim to please and this is yet another example of them looking very damn pleasing. If you have ever had a case of the yellow fever a shot of Sex Asian 18 will leave you comfortably numb!

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