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You open your step-daughters bedroom door and this is what you see. Exactly what? What you wanted? What the doctor ordered? Maybe the devil? Damn she has a beautiful cleft of Venus pussy. Vagina. You are supposed to use technical terms. She is, after all, your daughter. A little cherub of sexuality. Ripe for the picking. Needing love and tender care. So smooth and so tasty. She doesn’t flinch. She is surprised for sure. After all, she is naked from the waist down. But she throws in a smile and a, “Hi, daddy!”

This might not be your “regular life” but it could be your online persona. It probably should only be your online persona. So let it blossom. Online with DaddysGirl9.

Now, I don’t know about daddy’s girls 1 through 8, but number nine is a fucking knockout!

She is willing to learn and listen to you. Be gentle. At first. Then just let your ideas flow. Be you. It’s online. It is safe. It is nothing to be ashamed about. It is the natural order of things.

It is CamBB and it is where you can find lots of little hotties to explore your fantasies with. Online. It is time to begin your second life. The one where you are in control and you do the things you always wanted to do.

Yeah, she did this for me. She will do for you whatever your heart desires. Stop waiting and start doing!

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Hello, I am Little April. I have never been shy about my body and if you go to my website,, you’d definately say the same thing. I love getting naked infront of the camera and being a dirty, naughty girl.

Some people thing I am to young to be naked on even though I am 18. They think I am to innocent. Can you be to innocent? Others send me a ton of fan mail in the members area.

My mom says, "April, you need to think about growing up." I still live with her and she won’t let me move out until I graduate college. Originally I created my site to pay for college but me and my girlfriends are having so much fun on my site that I can’t imagine doing anything else right now.

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