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Posted By Teen Porn on 11/15/09 - Write A Comment!

Sure it is not exactly shot in HD like the porn at 18 years old and Pure 18, but that is the point. This isn’t your daddies porn, dude! This is your generation and you don’t shoot porn with fancy video cameras, you do it with cell phones!

Teenage Decadence started out as a forum where guys banded together and shared their candid pics they either pilfered from a girlfriend, their daughter or some other source. To become a member you had to upload a certain number of photos. The more you shared, the more access to the forums you received.

Now you can join Teenage Decadence even if you don’t have a hot daughter with hot friends to share. All you have to do is pay a couple of bucks and you are privy to the Internet’s largest database of candids, self-shots, homemade porn, beach candids and more!

Afraid of getting caught looking at something that is illegal? Then join Teenage Decadence where every model submits her ID. Don’t end up in jail because you are looking at jailbait photos. Teenage Decadence is filled with barely legal coed freshmen that love to flash their breasts, expose their pussies and get naughty for the world to see!

There are dozens of categories and they even added a MILF section so you can check out other guys sexy wives. Personally I will be in the camel toe section. Over and out!

Teenage Decadence closed for good, but you can still save up to 63% off Watch My GF with this discount link.

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With the temperatures rising the beaches are heating up and you know what that means. The bikinis are shrinking and in some cases, coming off completely!

xPosing has all of your beach candid pics in one location. They started out a club and have since become an entire community. They also have moved into other niches too like: Cheerleaders, Sports (soccer, swimming, volleyball, etc), Underwear, Chicks on the Pot, Topless, Nude and more!

In the beginning you had to either be a photographer or just have a knack for finding web gems that no one else in the group had. In other words, you had to upload to download. Now everything has changed. And for the better I might add!

Anyone with $19.99 burning a hole in the wallet can join xPosing and enjoy the vast assortment of beach candids along with everything else the users have been collecting over the years.

There are over 170,000 contributors at xPosing. That means you will find tons of porn you have never seen before! With almost 52,000 threads in the forum you have a lot of catching up to do so I won’t keep you here any longer!

Find more beach candids at!

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Sex on the Side Club

When I saw Daria’s pert tits I was dumbfounded. I literally sat here for about 10 seconds just studying her tits

Daria is not perfect. She has some flaws. I won’t point them out to you. Instead I will point out what she has going for her. I already mentioned her pert tits, so let’s move on to her tight, rock hard body and firm, yet thick, ass. Do you like those little blonde hairs and the way they contrast with her tan skin? I do! You can find more smoking hot babes like Daria at

This Sex on the Side Club is for people who want to have real sexual encounters. You need to click the 4 or 5 continue links to get past the annoying video chat ads, but once you do, it is all ripe and ready for the taking!

After you enter your email it is going to ask you if you want to join. You don’t need to join for money. You can go to your email and click the confirmation link and start scouting out the chicks before you actually pay to get access to the girls you will find. And you will find many ready and willing girls.

I went ahead and paid so I could find out what you get as a member. Lucky me… So I search out some profiles and happen on three girls I’d like to meat, if you catch my drift.

One glaring quality about Sex on the Side Club is that it is pretty amateur. But if you have been in the online dating scene you would know that is a good quality. It means that the chicks are real and not a bunch of fake profiles.

First I looked for escorts. On my first try I’d actually like to find a girl who can’t say no… lol.. I centered on a 19 year old babe who lives locally. I know I can score there so I move on to number two.

I am not an actor and I certainly don’t look like one, so I go for a woman with kids and married. I find a smoking hot MILF age 25 about 10 miles away and she takes a day to get back to me but says we can exchange hot emails and photos of our private parts but she isn’t sure about actually meeting people. Sounds great. Better to do this than play solitare when you are bored! Time for the last one…

She lives in the city next door, has kids but isn’t married. She takes only 2 hours to respond and basically says she likes nights out and if she likes the guy, she fucks em. Kids go with the grandparents and she doesn’t want a real relationship. Fucking sweet! Exactly what I wanted. 23 year old MILF!

While I am not Brad Pitt looking, I am younger than most of you so perhaps I got lucky in that regard. But, money talks and bullshit walks. If you want to bang a 19 year old, get on SexOnTheSideClub and look for profiles where she says she wants an older guy to treat her right (or wrong).

Out of 4 pages I found 2 profiles from college age girls looking for sugar daddy’s. Crazy girls! It is mind blowing how many girls there are in my area looking for sex. Fucking nuts!

If you are tired of being the one getting cheated on, pick up one of these cheating wives!

Find More Sex on the Side Club!

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K8tie ready to shower

So this is K8tie, she is the girl with the most request on rhinos girls but I guess we did not have her on there yet. Well I have to apologize to all of you who asked for her because she is the hottest teen out there right now.

I decided to check out her site seeing how I did not know any thing about her and then BOOM there she was the picture of perfection. Her perfectly round ass that looks like it belongs in pair of apple bottom jeans, and those perfect size and shape breast that just make you want to just squeez them. is great because they have what they call team K8tie. That part of the site is dedicated to all of K8ties hot and horny friends. Remember guys hot chicks always hang out with other hot chicks so you do the math.

On you have over 30,000 pics to look at. K8tie alone has over 9,000 pics which is incredible seeing how she has only been doing this for a short time. There is over 150 katie sites on the net right now, so don’t mess the rest when you can have the best.

Find More K8tie!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 05/02/06 - Write A Comment!
Soph Dream Melanie Teen Ass

That fine piece of teen ass belongs to Melanie.

That is some really fine ass right there. Of course teen ass is fine about 90% of the time. But damn… I really like that ass.

Melanie and her ass can be found at The people at Soph Dream bill themselves as The Home of Real Amateur Teen Girls and I believe them. They shoot their own content and specialize in first time lesbians, teen pissing and anal pleasures.

Melanie’s hair reminds me of Mexico and Mexico reminds me of great times. Why Mexico? Because of the braids I guess. And she is so short. I like short chicks and tall chicks but a short chick with that fine of an ass is always a plus.

Another plus is Melanie’s shaved beaver with a clit piercing. I swear it is like springbreak in Cabo looking at her. This young girl has got it going on and damn if I wouldn’t treat her right. I am sure you would too! has 650 pictures and 12 videos of Melanie. Add that to the 65+ other teenage models and you end up with a lot of amateur teen content. So grab your fleshlight and some lube and get cracking!

Find More Soph Dream!

Posted By Teen Porn on 03/23/06 - Write A Comment!
We Live Together Leanna

There ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby!

And We Live Together is all about the real thing. What is the real thing? Well, We Live Together is all about Nicole and her friend Britney going out and hitting the town in Santa Monica and Malibu looking for girls who have never had lesbian sex before.

Sometimes the girls have thought about it or fooled around a little bit, but this time is different! So different that it is evident in their nervous jitters. That first time they kiss Nicole or Britney will have your dick thumping (or you clit)!

Often you can tell the newly bisexual girls want to go slow and gentle but that isn’t how Nicole plays. I think she enjoys those nervous jitters more than we do! She puts them on the spot, rubs the spot, straps a dildo and fucks the spot and then tongues the spot. By the time Nicole is done with a girl her pussy is a juicy, swollen, puffy, pink mound of sexuality. also comes with 20 more websites in different niches. All are exlusive and shoot their own content. You will not find a better deal and can read more about it at We Live Together!

Have fun and remember your Fleshlights!

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