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Odds are long before you got your dick wet inside her tight virgin pussy her hairbrush enjoyed that sort of comfort on a nightly basis!

Most girls won’t fess up to having tried it, but using a hairbrush to masturbate has long been the technique of choice for small tits girls that are too young to be able to buy sex toys. Catching them is often as easy as smelling the handle of their brush. In the beginning they are often careful and clean the brush handle after using it to masturbate. Over time, though, they get sloppy putting it back in the drawer coated in their pussy’s juice.


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Angella is a naughty redhead teen with small tits from the UK who likes to walk naked in her house. Every morning when she wake up she takes a shower and then goes into the kitchen to prepare breakfast. When I told her that I saw her walking naked through the house she said that food is better when eating naked. She agreed to let me come over the house and take some pictures of her cooking naked and here is a little sample of her naked body!

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Someone was searching for Kimmy Teen and I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t posted anything recently for her. This small tits teen is like a little nubile cherry waiting to be plucked and eaten up!

Kimmy started her solo modeling site back in 2007 and she became an instant hit. To the boys she was a down-to-Earth girl next door and to the men she looked like a prime piece of jailbait!


Many of her members like to crop her photos like the one above. I will leave you to wonder why.


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