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Posted By Teen Porn on 11/17/11 - Write A Comment!


The weekend is coming so I figured I’d post something more exciting than grandpa’s old school porn. Sorry, grandpa, but times are a changing and nobody wants to see a forest down there anymore!

Today’s post spotlights two of my favorite small tits models, Shyla Jennings and Aaliyah Love kissing! The last time I checked it was still hot to watch two hot teen girls making out with each other.


A friend of mine recently had a birthday and we attended a frat party one of his nephews was throwing. Two young hotties showed up. One blonde, one a brunette. After some Jager and several games of beer pong they were ready to do our bidding. We had them making out and then competitively couch dancing my bro!

Crazy sluts!

Stupid us!!!

Nobody rolled any video of these two hotties. We were having such a good time seeing how far they’d go to win that we all forgot to record the fun!


I guess we’ll just have to settle for watching Shyla Jennings and Aaliyah Love going down on one another. Oh darn! LOL

At least these two are totally naked. Our small tits cuties at the party showed off their g-strings and their little tits, but that was about it. They didn’t go full lez on each other.

Shyla Jennings is always inviting her girlfriends over for some fun. She gives you access to all of her videos and photo galleries, plus, the members areas of her friends as well! Watch her on her web cam and tell her what you want to see!

Get all of Shyla Jennings!

Posted By Teen Porn on 05/04/11 - Write A Comment!

Dude, look out! That crazy bitch in the cat suit is going to tear your ass to pieces! Not. like that is such a bad thing. really. I mean, sometimes getting "eating" by a leopard has its advantages. Especially when that big cat goes by the name Shyla Jennings!

Shyla Jennings masturbating with a carrot video.

She is one of the few.


Posted By Teen Porn on 01/06/11 - Write A Comment!


Praise the Lord that every small tits teen porn star doesn’t look this fucking hot or I’d be in the poor house! As it stands I already shell out enough money on porn every month, I couldn’t imagine turning 100’s of Shyla Jennings down!

But we don’t have to turn her down at all because there is only one Shyla Jennings and turning this homegrown hottie down is tantamount to proclaiming yourself to be gay!

Shyla Jennings updates her site each week with new pics and a video, plus she does live cam shows. She blogs about her personal life and her career in porn. With your membership you also get access to her friends and you can talk to her on her message board.

Right now Shyla is running a promo giving you three months for the price of two. What do you say guys, isn’t she worth it?

Posted By Teen Porn on 06/24/10 - Write A Comment!


Imagine the girl next door with porn star talents and you have the beautiful, small tits hottie Shyla Jennings. It is as if you scored with a girl you thought was a prude and she surprises you by whipping out her hair brush and fucking it!

Shyla Jennings has been in a ton of porn movies. I am actually quite shocked that her site is geared more towards the solo model lover than the hardcore porn fanatic. Even with all of her stardom she has chosen to keep her small tits and I, for one, couldn’t be happier!

Posted By Teen Porn on 02/05/10 - Write A Comment!


When it comes to solo models you have a lot to choose from. Today I am going to tell you about Shyla Jennings. She is one of those solo models that is all that and a bag of chips. Shyla is the girl next door first and a porn star second. Her small tits aren’t exactly tiny, but they are pert and they do make for nice handfuls of girly flesh!

While Shyla Jennings is bisexual, she primarily sticks to masturbation and lesbian videos on her web site. She does web cam shows when she is in town (she does strip club tours and porn industry shows here and there) allowing you one on one access to a hot teen porn star!

Shyla updates her site weekly with new pics and a video. She has a message board so she can keep in touch with fans even when she is touring the country. The updates come in many formats and can be viewed on devices such as iPod’s, cell phones, etc.

As a member of Shyla Jennings you also get access to her friends like Cindy Cupcakes, Diddylicious, Ashley and Serena, Ashley’s Candy, Kori Kitten and Tera 19, among others. Lots of others!

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