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Chick comes to your party. Chick drinks an awful lot of liquor and crashed out on your bed. Chick is wearing only a white thong and tank top. Fucking tempting isn’t it? The only problem is she hasn’t consented. – Now you don’t have to indulge the temptation for real! You can fire up the computer and have your way with a new girl each and every week. The best part is, no awkward moments in the morning (or when she wakes up wondering why her panties are down around her ankles).

Get your grove on at Sleep Assault and leave her be. Hey, if she wakes up and sees you whacking the pud to girls online it isn’t your fault she decided to crash out in your room. If you are lucky she’ll feel sorry and give it up. If not, no worries. Sleep Assault isn’t going to leave you.

Along with Sleep Assault you get access to the All Inclusive Pass network. That is 14 sites for the price of one. Now you get multiple updates a day!

Ever wished your old lady would wake you up with a blowjob? Take “advantage” of you for once? One of those sites included is Sleep Sins. A site where the ladies do the assaulting. Almost makes you wonder why guys waste time and money on girls anymore!

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Night Invasion

Warning: This website contains content only a true pervert would enjoy viewing. If you are one of those perverts, keep reading, if not, move along!

So I am looking for something to post and I come across the most perverted website on the internet. A website that caters to some of the deepest, darkest desires of man. Sex with sleeping women. He likes to call them Night Invasions.

The guy that runs isn’t any different than you or me, he just has the balls to bring his fantasy to the Internet. And what a nice guy he is for doing so. Each week he enters the room of a sleeping teen girl. Sometimes they are college coeds and other times just some random chick he finds in bars, clubs, etc.

While the girls are sleeping he disrobes them. Upon getting them naked he touches their nipples, making them hard. He rubs their bums and massages their inner theighs. Sometimes you can see their pussy juice running down their legs as they are getting turned on, while sleeping!

Eventually he smears some of that pungent pussy juice over their clits and gives them a little rub. The girls moan in pleasure believing this is all a dream. If he feels daring enough he will slip a finger inside her warm soft pussy.

At the end of the encounter he will try to feed his cock to her. Sometimes he successfully gets it into her mouth for a few strokes. Other times he just lets his precum glisten off of her lips. Occasionally he actually gets a girl to stay their long enough to cum in her mouth!

Talk about your unique website ideas. This one is so good it is sick. So perverted it is brilliant. The guy also runs 8 more sites with similar brilliance and he gives you access to all of them when you join any one of them.

I can sense your heart pounding already! Go get your Night Invasion password now!

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Kari Sweets Sleeping

I am sure this post is gonna get me into some hot water. I decided to switch things up a bit and do a successful search, melding it with an unsuccessful one. I don’t do posts on underaged girls. So you can stop searching for 14yo and other such searches.

However, Kari Sweets looks fourteen years old here and that is about as close as you are going to get to the real thing. In reality Kari is 18yo and one of the few internet models who looks sexy in freckles!

While Kari appears to be sleeping, she isn’t. She is just waiting to catch you jacking off and stealing a glimpse of her care bear panties. In the free gallery above she also shows off her sexy feet. Damn would I love a footjob from her!

Kari Sweets is one of the most successful models I have ever written about. Her posts sell more memberships than any other solo model. While sites like do better, they have lots of models, Kari sells herself just fine!

At you will see one of the hottest tours on the net. In the members area you can talk to her in her forum, download her wallpapers and win clothes from her shoots that are autographed by her! She updates her photos and videos twice a week and includes candid pics in her diary along with juicy stories.

If you are looking for a solo model with a young look, Kari Sweets is your girl!

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Sleep Assault Carly

Ohh boy!

Did she ever pick the wrong spot to pass out. But hey, he doesn’t seem to mind and she is passed out drunk so I guess it is every man for himself at this point.

Welcome to, the place where taboo is the norm and the norm is taboo. Is it really taboo for this creepy guy to take advantage of sleeping Carly when she puked in his bathroom? To me, it is kinda like "paybacks are a bitch." And this bitch is about to get paid back!

One thing I’d like to draw your attention to is Carly’s body. Fuck me if it isn’t sexy. She has just enough plumpness to add a cup size and create a well formed ass without creating cellulite or other unpleasentries. And she looks to cute sleeping.

At Sleep Assault, every night is a slumber party so get your lotion ready and get that Fleshlight by clicking the button on the top right hand corner of this page. What is a Fleshlight? Well, it is how you are going to imagine fucking slumbering Carly. You can mix and match the attachments for oral, anal and vaginal pleasure. You can even mix and match the textures inside the orifice of your choosing. updates three times a week. The content is high quality and so are the models. Just try not to wake up Carly while she is mouth fucking your cock!

Find More Sleep Assault!

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