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BraceFaced discount

The site of that mouth full of braces will either excite you or repulse you depending on your desire to fuck the mouth of a barely legal teen. As you have probably already figured out, I am part of the former group who enjoys banging tawdry young teens looking for a father figure, as well as a sugar daddy.

While I do enjoy spending my money on such girls I cannot justify paying big bucks to see them on a computer screen. So I went out looking to see if I could find a better way to enjoy these girls online.

What I found was a little known site called XXX Porn Discounts. It goes out and finds deals on the best porn sites on the web. They have the entire Team Skeet lineup and all of them are discounted to just $60/yr or just $14.87 per month if you want to go that route. At this cheap of a deal I would go for the annual pass and not worry about rebills for the rest of 2017!

To get this unbelievably low price use the BraceFaced discount link and check out the deal for yourself. You get every Team Skeet site including Busty Petite, CFNM Teens, Teens Love Anal (really, they do!), Step Siblings, My Babysitters Club, Exxxtra Small, She’s New, This Girl Sucks and more. So many more you really should check out the Team Skeet discount offer for all of the details!

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Well boys, this little brace faced cutie with small tits and doe eyes is Trixie Teen and right now she wants to smoke a cigar. You wouldn’t happen to have one in your. uh. pocket would you?

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Lets be honest here. I know, I know, a pornographer is going to be honest for a change? Hey, in my defense, I am actually a pretty honest guy which makes me 2000% more honest then the next pornographer!

So anyway. Anyone can make a teen site. They can find some high school drop out or druggy and offer them a couple grand and get some videos and some pics done. Walla, instant teen site right?


Sure, there are plenty of teen sites like I just described out there, but they pale in comparison to sites of caliber like Little Summer. This young, blonde, small tits sprite of a teen is fun, exciting and generally a pleasure to be around.

It takes more than just being easy on the eyes to be an Internet model! Girls like Little Summer take their sites and their fans seriously. This is more than just fantasy. This is overall well being and I know my well being goes up a few dozen points every time I log into!

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, Little Summer has many friends. With a Tiny Teen Pass you get Summer and all of her friends including twins like the Milton Twins and the Texas Twins. Some of her friends like Trixie Teen and Teen Topanga have been modeling for years and other friends like Kacey 18 and Selina 18 just got their start this year.

Whether you are into softcore girls like Little Summer or hardcore babysitter sex videos from Kacey 18, the Tiny Teen Pass has you covered!

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Every once in a while someone finds the ultimate barely legal teen. She has a fresh youthful face, small tits and a petite body. If you are lucky she is a cock sucking teen, as well as, a lesbian pussy licking teen too.

Lil Lexy fits the bill on both fronts. She is one of those girls that lacks the ability to say no. The kind of girl you hope to find at the end of a night of drinking ready to do your bidding.

Unlike many of those other solo models out there, Lil Lexy goes all the way. Front and back and side to side this girl leaves no hole untouched.

Whether she is doing teen masturbation videos, having kinky lesbian sex or smoking and taking cock in her tight pussy, Lexy is amazing to watch. A little ball of energy that doesn’t stop until everyone in the room has an orgasm.

Since invites her girlfriends over often you feel like you are getting several girls to look at for the same price. If you have never met Lil Lexy before now, the introductions have been made. Time to have your way with her!

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I know I just did her last month, but I have to do her again. Just like I would if she woke up in my bed in the morning. Kick her out? Nah! Fuck her twice more? Hell yeah!

Karla Spice doesn’t go all the way. I mean she doesn’t remove her panties. I respect her for that. Actually, I think it makes me want her even more. Kind of like dumping a girl after you fucked her. but before you fuck her you pursue her with all you have got. Not seeing Karla Spice 100% naked makes me want to stick around for when she takes it all off.

This latina has some of the nicest tits in the industry. Her youthful appearance means Karla can play many rolls. In her sets she plays the bikini model, the soccer girl, the schoolgirl, the teen next door getting ready for bed and more.

To sweeten the deal, also gets you access to her friends sites (some of which do get 100% naked). Plus, you get the Spice Twins. Two spicy hot Latina teens! Also included are the multi-model sites of Pacino’s World and La Zona Modelos.

If you have a thing for Latina teens, grab this password before they come to their senses and stop giving you everything for the price of one!

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It has been a while and I feel like I owe you all a big helping spoonful of Chloe 18 to make it up to you. I’d love to tell you some cool story about where I have been but there is none. Well.. Actually there is but I can’t tell you about it. NO, I wouldn’t have to kill you or anything like that… Just a non-disclosure agreement says my lips must stay sealed…

So… Chloe-Fucking-18. How long has it been now? Hold on whilst I look it up… OK… 2… almost 3 years!

What??? I can hear the new surfers already… Yes, Chloe  is now Chloe 20 and going on 21. Hey, look at it this way, now you can buy her a drink legally!

To all of the new surfers out there, I run a no bullshit style of blog. So I killed your little fantasy about banging an 18 year old. They can’t all be 18 (forever)…

Random Trivia Time… Chloe isn’t the original Chloe! Yes, for almost an entire year Chloe was someone else. Where is she now? Who fucking cares… The original never released any content of the original Chloe so we will never know exactly what we were missing. Just some vague place holder for the web site with someone else’s picture. is your friend!

Our Chloe is a dream come true. Sexy and athletic with small tits and a tight, firm ass. She is bisexual and can’t keep her fingers out of her panties. What more could you want? updates twice a week. You get crisp, clear videos with those pics. You get guests with Chloe and without. Chloe likes receiving your Emails and she likes fulfilling your requests. Damn she is an obedient babe isn’t she? Too bad we can’t all marry her!

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Little Summer Braces

Let’s talk about blonde teens wearing braces for a little bit, shall we?

I saw Little Summer about two months before her site came out. I was talking to the designer at a webmasters convention and noticed he had a lovely little blonde girl in tow that didn’t look familiar. I asked if she was his girlfriend and he told me he could only wish! No, she was his new pet project do out in two months.

Seeing Summer for the first time and in person was exhilarating. She was a bit shy since I am sure it was her first time doing anything like this and perhaps that was a good portion of why guys are drawn to her. You have this nubile barely legal teen and she has a cute brace-filled smile with small tits. But, this attraction is not purely physical!

Along with that cute face and teen braces is her teen mentality. She is sooo flirty. One of those girls who touches you while she talks to you. The type that grabs your arm and pulls you over here and then over there. Just having her around makes you feel 10 years younger!

At she even goes bisexual with some of her lesbian teen friends. We are talking lots of blonde, brunette and raven haired nymphs! Plus she loves to pull her panties into her crotch. She is so juvenile it should be illegal (but it isn’t)!

Find More Little Summer!

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