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You could certainly say that teen solo model Tiny Tabby is a prime example of being barely legal to the max. The reality of it is that her real name is Amai Liu and she was a true barely legal solo model when she created her website. Since then she still looks barely legal to this day. Amai is less than five feet tall and has a very petite body. Her small tits and her boyish looks (body wise) would throw anybody trying to pin down her true age for a loop.

In this set she plays a silly girl flashing for her boyfriend for the first time. Her print panties and toe socks make her look extremely cute. Oh, and we can’t forget about her braces or her pigtails done up in pink barrettes.


I can imagine that most guys going to her site fantasize about Miss Tabby being younger than her true age. How old does she look to you? How old do you think of her as being when you jerkoff dreaming of your hard cock sliding into her warm little pussy? I bet you she is so tight it hurts!




With a Premium GFs you can get unlimited access to Tabby and dozens more of her barely legal friends. Many of them look just as young as Tabby does. There are tons of photos of cute teen girls in print panties. Some sites even have videos of the girls having a sleepover or having sex with each other after a heated game of strip Twister.

This is one network you won’t get tired of and if you do, there is definitely something wrong with you!

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At some point in your life you have had a younger girl have a crush on you and you didn’t know what to do. For me it was my buddy’s little sister and, again later in life, my bosses daughter. With the former I didn’t act because I was just a little punk kid with no balls. Later on I jumped at the chance even though it cost me my job.

Tiny Tabby is the perfect stand in when it comes to fantasizing about what might have been with your buddy’s little sis or to relive those times if you had more balls then I had and actually dug into her panties.

Tabby has some of the smallest tits in the porn industry. Matched with her tiny fanny and her petite body she is the ultimate barely legal porn girl. Did I mention she has braces? How cute is that?

Sites like are great because you can have all of the dirty thoughts and nobody gets hurt. You can enjoy Tabby and her friends like Paulina 18 completely guilt free. These two are naturally young looking. They have no control over it. We would be doing them a disservice telling them they are too young looking to enjoy!

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Tiny Tabby isn’t the sort of girl that likes to get into trouble. She isn’t interested in enduring a consequence or anything like that, but she does enjoy doing the sorts of things that get girls into trouble.

Tabby didn’t start developing like the other girls did at her school. While they were growing real boobs she was stuffing her bra in a vein attempt to look like they did. Even with some tissues in her bra she still could only manage an A-cup on her little frame without looking like some kind of freak.

While she could stuff her bra to look fuller up top, Tabby couldn’t do anything about the size and shape, or lack thereof, of her little butt. She had no figure to speak of. The boys didn’t even pay her any attention as they were all too interested in the growing developments going on with the other girls to even notice her.

One group of people at her school did seem to pay her more attention than they paid to the other girls. Tiny Tabby‘s teachers didn’t seem to mind her small tits. In fact it seems as if they tried peeking at her small boobies just as much as the boys were trying to peek at her fellow female classmates.

As the days pressed on Tabby grew increasingly frustrated with her lack of development. She wanted to be noticed. She wanted to date a boy. She longed to kiss a boy for the first time. Just about the only thing she dreaded was having a boy put his hand up her shirt and finding out her bra was padded. As if there wasn’t a single person at her school that didn’t already know she was stuffing her bra.

By the time Tabby was a senior she hit her 18th birthday two months before graduation. The only difference between her freshman picture and her senior picture in the yearbook was that the later was in full color while the former was in black and white. She hadn’t gained a pound, added an inch in height or added a cup size to her boobs. Tabby was getting depressed. Would she still look like an 8th grader by the time college started in the Fall?




While everybody was roaming around campus days before graduation signing each others yearbooks Tabby noticed one of her teachers looking at her from the other end of a long hallway. Tabby always had a crush on this teacher. He was in his mid-twenties and while he was taller than Tabby he was shorter than most men making him look more like an older brother than her teacher.

Tabby rushed over to him to have him sign her yearbook. He beckoned her into his classroom and noticed once she got in there that the shades were all drawn over the windows. When he closed the door behind her she heard it lock. Then lock again as he bolted a lock only the Principal had a key for. He motioned for her to have a seat at one of the front desks.

As she sat and listened he delicately brought up the fact that he had noticed her infatuation with him. Her cheeks went beet red. Then he backed that up with the fact that he also shared the same infatuation for her as well. Her mind began to swim and she was having a hard time grasping a single clear thought so she just sat and listened.

Her teacher went on about key figures in history that also had the same feelings towards little girls as he had. He pointed out that the key difference with him was that he didn’t act impulsively. He didn’t want to disrupt a girls childhood. He waiting for girls to turn 18 years old before he let them know about his feelings towards them.


Her school teacher went on to tell her about how he noticed she felt uncomfortable about her lack of development. He told her not to worry or do anything rash about her appearance. And that if a man truly loved her he would accept her for who she was. Not only that, he would specifically enjoy her because she was who she was.

Tabby’s mind was still reeling trying to take all of what her teacher was saying in. Was he just being informative or was this going somewhere else? Why were the shades drawn? Was was the door locked and bolted? Why did he have a hardon?

As she looked down at his growing bulge Tabby’s teacher expressed his sorrow about not having better control over his emotions. Not wanting to make him feel weird Tabby told her teacher that she felt the same for him and that. she paused.

Before he knew what hit him Tabby jumped up from her desk chair and planted a big kiss on his lips. He was her first kiss. He felt her braces digging into his lips so he parted them to get them out of the way and then felt her tongue enter his mouth in search of his own.

With that his cock practically burst right through his pants. Tabby felt it hit her stomach and she pressed hard into his body lost in the lustful moment of her first ever kiss hoping it would never end. Her teacher put his strong arms around her and cradled her youthful body to his own.

After several seconds of kissing that felt like minutes he brought his hands to her little fanny. She brought her hands down from his shoulders to his waist. He took that as a sign he wasn’t doing anything she didn’t want him to do.

Tabby’s teacher lifted her up and sat her on the desk top. As he moved closer her legs parted and her skirt rode up. Tabby instinctively wrapped her legs around her teachers hips pulling him closer. His hard cock brushed up against her panties and she could feel wetness soaking into her panty crotch.


Once he felt her warm teen pussy on his cock her teacher wrapped his hands around her buttocks and pulled her even tighter into him. She began to buck her hips as he thrust back and forth. Tiny Tabby was having her first dry humping session. And it was with her teacher. An older man!

As they kissed Tabby felt her teacher fiddling around with his pants. Then she felt something big and hard pressing into her panties. It pushed them an inch into her wet pussy. Her panties were so soaked it looked as if she had peed in them.


It took about a minute or so for Tabby to finally realize what her teacher wanted her to do. He wanted her to be the one that pulled her panties over. He wanted her to be the one that chose to lose her virginity to an older man. She could still walk away from this. All she needed to do was tell him it wasn’t the right time.

But that was the last thing Tabby wanted to do. She wanted to feel his big cock inside her tight teen pussy. She had been masturbating with her hairbrush handle for far too long. It was time for the real thing.

Tabby pulled her soaked panties to the side and once again used her legs to corral her teacher in towards her. Once he felt her legs on his buttocks he thrust towards his student and felt his cock sink about an inch and a half into her tight pussy. It stopped not because she wasn’t wet enough, but because the difference between the girth of his cock and the tightness of her virgin pussy was too much.

Slowly Tabby’s teacher pulled out and pushed in with his cock and she could feel her pussy loosening up. Two inches. Two and a half inches. Three inches. Four inches. Five inches. Six inches. Six and a half inches and it stopped short of the full seven on account of it hitting her cervix deep inside her.

His cock was much longer and a lot wider than her hairbrush handle was. Tabby felt as if her pussy might tear. As he continued to work his cock in and out of her Tabby felt the walls of her pussy relaxing as they stretched to accommodate him. Soon that tearing feeling was gone and all she could feel was how good it felt to finally have some dick in her.

Tabby leaned back and used her arms to buttress herself as her teacher began to thrust harder and faster. Tabby was beginning to feel faint as she started to hyperventilate in all of the excitement. Her pussy began to quiver and she felt as if she was going to cum. Tabby looked up and she could see that her teacher was going to cum as well. While she wanted more than anything to cum at the same time as him, Tabby definitely did not want to get pregnant.

As her teacher pounded his cock inside her pussy she could feel it getting extremely stiff and large. She tried to recall when her last period was and if she was near her ovulation date. Her mind was too fuzzy. She wanted to cum. Suddenly he thrust real hard into her and Tabby could feel a sense of warmth deep inside her belly. He was cumming!

Since it was too late to do anything about it Tabby closed her eyes and bucked at her teacher with her feet letting him know he should continue to fuck her. He opened his eyes to see his petite student beginning to show beads of sweat on her brow. Her face contorted as if she were having a scary dream and then he felt her pussy begin to squeeze his cock in pulsating contractions.

Tabby let out a high pitched squeal and then a loud moan. Not wanting anyone to hear her in the hallway or a neighboring classroom her teacher pulled her up so her face got buried into her chest. She continued to moan, but not it sounded muffled as if she were moaning into a pillow. She wrapped her arms around him and he did the same to her. They held each other in an intimate embrace.

As the endorphins ran dry in her brain Tabby began to think again. She thought about pinching herself just to make sure what happened really happened. Her teacher drew back to look at her and she gazed up at him. He told her how amazing he felt with her. How incredibly beautiful she was. Tabby felt amazing and beautiful. She had just (possibly) begun a relationship with an older man. Screw all of the other girls in her class that were dating jocks. She was better than they were!

Her teacher told her that he would get some tissue so she could clean up and when he pulled out of her she instinctively put her hand between her crotch to keep his cum from dripping down onto her skirt. He returned with a wad of tissue and she used it to wipe herself up. Tabby squeezed her pussy a bit and more of his cum squirted out. Again she tried to remember when she had her last period.

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With 30+ girls you can have a dozen favorites and more than a dozen alternates to keep you company. Never spend another night alone!

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During my numerous years of being a pervert I have learned a few things. One thing I have learned that stands out above all others is to do things slowly. It is best to be patient!

Girls want to be naughty. I mean really super naughty. At some point while their clitoris was still in dormancy they found their mommies sexy lingerie she saved from her wedding night. After puberty girls usually want to take the dress-up game to a whole new level on account of this discovery. That is when parents really should start worrying!

While I was in school I used to hang out with a particularly good looking group of girls. We are talking way out of my league! But I had some tricks up my sleeve. One of them was patience and a seemingly nonchalant feeling towards sexuality.

One day while we were all laying out I offered to be the lotion boy. Since I never got fresh with any of the girls they were more than happy to allow me to work my hands over just about ever square inch of their teenage bodies!

Little did they know my mind was secretly video taping every microsecond of the entire day for future playback at a later time.

An entire summer of rubbing lotion into each girl led to some pretty intimate conversations about bikini waxing, landing strips and lack thereof. After many weeks the girls really let their guard down.

Once I was sure I had penetrated their defenses and was safely behind enemy lines it was time to strike. My first volley was to bring up tan lines. Things went innocently enough. The girls let me untie their bathing suit tops and get rid of the pesky tan lines the drawstrings usually leave behind.

Next, I worked on the idea of wearing Band-Aids to cover their nipples. This allowed them to look more sophisticated and older. Like a true lady. or so I told them. They bought it hook, line and sinker!


Soon I was staring at some very tan titties and I got to rub lotion into those perky small tits!

It was time to step my game up a little more and I suggested allowing me to untie their bikini bottoms in order to hide the draw strings there too. Eventually they even let me roll the hem in, first on the top, then on the sides. The girls started shaving their pubes down to landing strips in order to hide them.


Over time I had obtained the girl’s complete trust. They didn’t suspect a thing and it was time to get even bolder.

I suggested to the girls that they could roll their bottoms down for a period of time and get rid of the tan lines on their young booties altogether. The fabric would still cover their crotch so nobody could see anything.

It worked!

Now I was rubbing suntan lotion into all three of their fabulously young booties!

One girl in particular seemed to be getting excited at the idea of me being able to see so much of her. She would pull her bikini bottoms all the way down to her knees giving me a great view of her pussy cleft. She had a tiny little clit and almost no inner lips. I could see her moist juices between her cleft and her bikini bottoms usually had some juice on them too!

She was the first to suggest that I should also be getting rid of my tan lines. The other girls jumped on the idea too so I started pulling them down as well. I would often breath deep and pretend to fall asleep. The girls would then pop up a bit checking out my butt. Especially the horny little redhead!

This kinky little ginger also suggested that we should do the same maneuver, only this time facing up. I wasn’t sure I wanted to do that one since I wasn’t sure what they’d think of my hard penis. One, would it be as big as others they had seen? Two, would it gross them out? After all, I was supposed to be being nonchalant!

The ginger went first and then the chunkier one. They both closed their eyes and took in a deep breath before pulled down their bathing suits as if they were about to jump out of an airplane or something. The ginger had a landing strip cut about a half in short and the chunky one was shaved completely bare!

"I need lotion!" The ginger piped out with a voice as high as a piccolo.

"I do too!" Followed the chunky one.

I knelt down between them both and squirted lotion on the gingers tuft of hair. She flinched as though it was ice water, but then relaxed again as my hand spread the warm lotion all over the pubic mound. Once I got to her pussy I wasn’t sure what to do. After all, who wants a tanned pussy?

"Do my lips too." Ginger commanded.

I guess that settled that question. I spread two fingers open and worked some lotion into either side of her pussy cleft.

Next I looked at the chunky girl and she was still laying there with her eyes clamped shut like she didn’t want to open them and wake up from her dream. I looked at the hot blonde and she smiled at me and then looked down at my now hard cock.

"Go ahead. You know you want to do hers too!" The blonde one quipped at me.

I squirted some lotion onto her pussy mound and most of it accidentally went down her pussy cleft. Instinctively I put my finger down their to damn it up before it made it’s way to her asshole and instead of doing so my finger sunk between her lips!

Before I knew it my finger was two knuckles inside this girls vagina. I quickly pulled it back out and apologized, trying to let her know I didn’t mean to break our trust. She told me it was OK and that it felt good!

Now one half of me was yearning to put my finger back inside her and the other was telling me that I’d come so far, and that I shouldn’t blow it now!

I listened to the Angel on my shoulder for this one. If you could call him that. Instead of jackhammering her tight teen snatch like I wanted to I slowly rubbed lotions into her pubic mound and her labia.

Once I was done with the chunky girl I looked at the blonde again. She just sat there looking at me too. I motioned as if to ask if she was ready for hers and she pointed at my rock hard cock.

"You first!" She commanded.

I hesitantly began to untie my bathing suit and pull it down when she told me to lie down next to the ginger. Both the chunky girl and the ginger popped their eyes open to watch the show. Now I was a bit embarrassed. I had never undressed for a girl before, much less three of them, since my mom gave me bath’s when I was five or six years old.

As I lay back on my towel all of the girls crowded up to watch me pull my shorts down. I slowly pulled them down in a way that pushed my hard cock down with them. I could see the anticipation of seeing my dick building on their faces.

By the time I got far enough down with my shorts for my cock to spring out the tension placed on my cock from angling it downwards literally made my cock spring out of my shorts!

The sudden unveiling of my hardened member made the girls yelp in unison. The ginger brought her hands up underneath her chin like she just received a car for her 16th birthday. The chunky girl let out a, "hah," sound and smiled. And finally, the blonde just smiled a smile that let me know my cock was to her liking.

"Who wants to put lotion on me?" I asked holding the bottle of suntan lotion up towards the girls.

"I do!" Both the ginger and the chunky girl exclaimed.

The girls got on their knees on either side of me reaching for the bottle. I handed it to the blonde and she reached forward squirting the warm oil all over my cock and balls completely missing my tummy and legs.

"Rub that in." The blonde commanded her compatriots.

The ginger grabbed the shaft of my cock and started jerking it up and down while the chunky girl started rubbing the oil into my ball sack. I looked down at the ginger’s pussy and she spread her legs open a bit as if she was inviting me to play with her genitals too. This also elicited a widening of the gap between the chunky girls legs so that I could play with her too.

I reached up on both sides of me and started rubbing each girls pussy in a round about way before finally settling on each of their clits. The chunky girl used her other hand to alternate between cupping  the head of my cock with her palm and strumming the eye hole with her fingers.

It didn’t take long before my cock was ready to blow and I looked over at the blonde to see what she thought of all of this. She had her hand inside her bikini bottoms fingering her clit feverishly. Damn! If only she would take those things off!

My cock tensed up as it does before I shoot my load and both of the girls handling it could tell something major was about to happen. Suddenly my cum was exploding through the chunky girls fingers as the ginger kneaded every last drop from my shaft.

Once I was done making a mess the chunky one put a finger in a small pool of my cum and brought it to her lips for a taste. Damn that girl was kinky! The ginger was next and she also seemed to enjoy the taste of my jizz. We all looked at the blonde girl and she didn’t seem to want any.

Blondie was done fingering herself by then, now that I wasn’t garnering all of the attention anymore. She instructed the other two girls to wipe up the remaining sperm and to not let any of it touch their pussies or they could get pregnant. Like government employees working with plutonium they did as they were instructed.

I figured that was that and we’d start getting dressed, but the ginger asked me what happened to my cock. It was shrinking and was barely half-mast by then. I told her it was normal for it to rest a bit after cumming and that it would get bigger again if she played with it. I didn’t have to tell her twice!

After only two or three strokes my cock was as hard as a rock again. This time the ginger bent down and gave it a lick. Before I knew it she was bobbing on my knob!

Blonde pushed chunky back onto her towel and started playing with her pussy while she sucked on chunky’s nipples. That kind of blew me away. Ginger could feel my cock getting very stiff at the site of her two friends lezzing-out.

As if she was jealous the ginger knelt over me and straddled my head with her thighs. I couldn’t see anything except for her tight little beaver above me. Just then she lowered it onto my face and I started eating her out while she blew my cock. At first I had a hard time discerning her love juice from the taste of suntan lotion, but over time the continuous flow of her pussy oil overtook the suntan oil. I grabbed her by her hips and pushed her tender pussy hard onto my mouth!


Just like that I had seen and felt up three girls boobies. Seen two girls pussies. Finger banged a redhead and a chubby. Sixty-nined with a girl. And watched two girls lezzing-out on each other!

I hoped that summer would never end!

Unfortunately. It was the last weekend of summer and, as though in a movie, we all went our separate ways as our classes changed, one of us moved away and the blonde went full dyke!

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Note to all of the other girls: If you are going to put the word tiny in your name, you’d better actually be tiny like Tiny Tabby. Not only does Tabby have small tits, but her body is tiny as well!

Tiny Tabby was born with a thyroid problem. Not really sure what the problem is though. I like that she is tiny. I guess she doesn’t produce a whole lot of growth hormone so she is still under five feet tall and weighs less than 100 pounds!

While all of the other girls in high school were dating the seniors to feel like they were special, Tabby jumped right up to the college guys. Plenty of them couldn’t get enough of her tiny body. It was like dating a high school freshman without all of the stupid antics that make dating them too much to handle!

Once Tabby graduated she had a decision to make, continue on with school or get a real job and start supporting herself. Lucky for her, and us, she met somebody who could help her circumvent the whole working thing. Having sex isn’t work for Tiny Tabby, she loves it! So now we can all enjoy this tiny little fuck-box and Tabby gets paid more than all of her friends combined!

Speaking of tiny. is part of the ” target=”_blank”>Tiny Teen Pass. With one password you can access 20+ solo model sites for one low price. And get this, right now they are practically giving it away for a buck!

The ” target=”_blank”>Tiny Teen Pass network is always adding new sites and will be adding four new ones within the month! The new girls are Lil Kelly, Tiny Becky, Little Lorie (who has a great guy/girl review of Tiny Tabby) and Cute Tabby!

So get a password to the only ever-expanding teen network ” target=”_blank”>Tiny Teen Pass and keep yourself occupied, as well as, satisfied going into 2012!

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Fucking a true jailbait girl would be bad. Bad for you and bad for her. Don’t land yourself in jail when you can cyber-fuck a young looking girl like Tiny Tabby. She has small tits (I am talking teeny-tiny tits!) and a petite figure that gives her the appearance of jailbait without all of the pesky jail time!

Feel free to explore your naughty thoughts. Maybe she is the little sister of a friend of yours? Maybe she is the girl next door that keeps prancing around her swimming pool almost naked in her teeny-weenie bikini?


No matter what your favorite jailbait fantasy is, Tiny Tabby is going to blow your away. literally!



With a Real Teen Network pass you can enjoy and her friends sites like Paulina 18 and Ellie 18! Join for just $1 and even if you cancel before the 2 day trial is over, there is no digital rights management on the videos! So you can watch them when ever you want!

Find more Tiny Tabby!

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Having a blowjob from a girl that really is jailbait will get you twenty years in the pen. Having a cyber-blowjob from Tiny Tabby will not only get you off, but keep you out of the pen since she is truly (barely) legal!

A girls like Tiny Tabby only comes around once every decade. Her small tits and petite body screams middle school.  Tabby’s pussy is extremely tight. Even her little mouth has a hard time working its way around your swollen glands!

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One of the best moments in most guys lives is when a girl sees his cock for the first time and says, “Wow, it’s so big!” At less than five feet tall and weighing in at under 100lbs, to Tiny Tabby every cock is like, “OMFG! That thing is huuuuuuge!” Imagine trying to get your cock to fit in this barely legal girl!

While other girls her age have bigger tits and wider hips, Tiny Tabby is having loads of fun filling the pseudo-jailbait niche. Along with girls like Little Summer and Little Lupe, Tabby is a huge reason for the success of the ” target=”_blank”>Tiny Teen Pass. With one password you can access over 20 solo model sites!

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Yesterday I talked about Little Lupe. Today it is time to talk about Tiny Tabby. Both girls fail the Turing Test which was developed to scientifically suggest a girls age based on appearance. Both girls look younger than they really are. Both girls are completely legal for you to watch!

Get girls like Paulina 18, Ellie 18, Chloe 18, Little Summer, Little April, Little Bree, Teen Topanga, Trixie Teen, Lil Maya, Lil Emma and Cute Cristina for just $1!

It is time to support your right to small tits porn by supporting the girls making it! Tiny Tabby is trying to finish college. Porn is just a way-point in her life.

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For three and a half years now I have been bringing you some of the hottest small tits solo models in the industry. Several of them have become mainstays of Rhino’s Girls because of their popularity, beauty or both.

Tiny Tabby is a small tits lover’s dream come true. Not only are her tits tiny, her entire body is tiny!

To compliment that tiny body is a naive and often silly mind. Just like real jailbait this girl has the quirkiness of a real teenager. Why? Because Tiny Tabby is a real teenager.

A real barely legal teenager!

In this picture set she “accidentally” gives us an upskirt shot of her panties while she is playing the bongo drum. I used to devour these kinds of upskirt accidents as slowly as I could back in the day. While I have a lot of memories from back then it is always nice to freshen them up with some new ones at

The video in the gallery above features Tabby and another equally jailbait looking barely legal girl comparing bodies. They start with their tits and eventually move to their little pussies. Soon it is time to practice kissing and the rest can only be seen with your Tiny Tabby password.

Grab your Tiny Tabby pass and watch this petite, small tits teen get her tiny pussy crammed full of meat!

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