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The original 1962 adaption of the book Lolita was a box office smash relative to how much it had cost to make the film. The 1997 film Lolita, however, was a box office disaster. At $62 million to create and barely $1 million total receipts at the box office it is safe to say this movie was more about being somebody’s baby than being somebody’s golden ticket. Unless of course you consider the fact that the person playing "Lolita", Dominique Swain, has had a steady paycheck ever since.

This video of outtakes from Lolita `97 matched with music by Lana Del Rey and her song "Cola" with the lyric, "My pussy tastes like Pepsi Cola," is hot on so many levels.

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I came across this picture of Lil Candy with her wet panties and I couldn’t help but remember when I caught a buddy of mine’s sister masturbating her little pussy. She had small tits like Candy and her ass was a perfect little rump. I used to love spanking it and listening to her yelps!

My buddy had pulled an all-nighter at work and so he slept for like twelve hours straight. While he was sleeping I crept around the house checking out all of his shit. Guns racks, home theater, XBox, PS2, etc.

While I was in the far corner of his house I heard what sounding like a girl moaning. Intrigued I slowly crept over to the door from behind which the sound was emanating and peered inside. I didn’t know it, but his little sister was staying with him in a guest room I didn’t even know he had!

She was lying on the bed with her eyes closed and her hand inside her panties. Some kind of porno mag was splayed out next to her. I wasn’t sure how long this girl was masturbating for, but her panties were soaked with her juices!

My cock got instantly hard and I crept over to the bed to get a better look. Just then she opened her eyes and sat up really quick trying to come up with something she was doing other than touching herself. I pointed to the porno mag and then to her wet panties. She knew she was caught "wet" handed!


Right about then she caught sight of my hard cock jutting out from my shorts. I could tell she wanted to see it so I made the usual deal, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. We both ripped our shorts off in record timing.


Next I came up with a brilliant idea. How about we masturbate first and race each other to see who can cum first? That way we will last longer during the act. She was game and even pulled out a thick white candle to plunge into her wet pussy!

While she did put on quite a show, Lil Candy had a huge lead on me. She started to orgasm in a very spastic way after only two or three minutes of ramming that candle into her tight snatch. I shot my cum into her already soaked panties and hoped she wouldn’t get some crazy idea like wearing them with my wet cum in there.

While my cock was recovering we heard a toilet flush in the house. Her brother was up! I looked out the window and saw the pool. I grabbed my shorts and bolted out her sliding glass door and dove in hoping the cold water would do wonders for my half-mast woody.

You can relive your old times or make new fantasies easily with Lil Candy. She loves to play dress up (or is that dress down?) and has plenty of hardcore videos to make your mouth water!

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Anybody up for a wet t-shirt contest with Debbie Teen? If you said no you are a fucking moron. Take this down: 1) Close this window. 2) Go to and look up the nearest train track. 3) Turn off your computer by unplugging it from the wall. Don’t worry about it breaking, you won’t be needing where you are going. 4) Find those tracks and lay down on them.

Still with me? Good!

For the rest of us we have an excellent day planned. How do I know it will be good? Because, we get to see those tits get wet and then play I Spy and today’s hidden item is a camel toe. Can you spy a camel toe in the pictures below?


I don’t care how hot or cold it is where you live in the world. Right now it is the perfect temperature. The humidity is perfect. Perfectly soaked! There are so many awesome qualities to Debbie Teen. She has very perky tits. She has a perfect peach of a pussy. Her body is rocking! She has that farmer’s daughter next door look. And my personal favorite? The tan lines! Coppertone tan lines!


As you can see Debbie Teen shoots everything in high resolution and these are the example pics. In the members area that camel toe takes up the entire monitor!

Along with Debbie Teen you also get Kimmy Teen, Little Danni, Busty Alli and more! This link has a great list and all of the information on the network!

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Amateur Upskirts Haven Wet Panties Bath Tub

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There is something magical about melding something old with something new. Long before Bridget Jones brought them back grandma panties on a college coed have been hotter than hell. Just about the only problem with this coming together is finding a coed willing to model them for you!

Not any more! With Amateur Upskirts you can watch coed after coed modeling panties of all shapes and sizes. My personal favorite are the wet panty videos since I was lucky enough to have a high school sweetheart that enjoyed modeling them for me in her bathtub!

The panty videos at Amateur Upskirts are mostly softcore with lots of grinding, plenty of camel toe and a pussy shot or two. Some girls get a little more frisky and masturbate their pussies through their panties. It doesn’t take long for them to work up a lather of juice and you get to see it soak their cotton crotches to the bone!

Anybody into panties clinging to hot coed pussy will find to be the ultimate rush!

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Class, can you give a warm hand of applause to Adele from ALS Scan?

ALS Sc. what? It’s an abbreviation for All Ladies Shaved. Back in 1996 when the site opened the Internet was pretty much brand new. Back then pics were called scans because you scanned them into the computer and shot them on regular film. Digital wasn’t even invented yet!

The site updates daily and usually flips between a video or a picture set each new day. Most of the girls have small tits and look rather barely legal. was the first site to feature girls with shaved pussies exclusively.

It’s hard to believe in today’s climate, but back then they caught a lot of flack for, "trying to make girls look like jailbait." Even with her shaved pussy Adele doesn’t look like jailbait to me. She just looks like she has a clean, inviting, tasty looking pussy!

Since all of the girls are shaved this site has camel toe in just about every set and in most of the videos. Girls masturbate solo and go bisexual with other models. Many of the sets are shot outdoors and sometimes in public places. My personal fav is the lesbian pool videos. Nothing beats seeing a hottie in a wet bikini with camel toe showing. except for two hotties in wet bikinis with camel toe showing!

If you haven’t seen this site before grab a pass to ALS Scan. With 14 years under the belt there is so much content you couldn’t download it all in one month even if you wanted to!

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I get tons of requests from webmasters from around the world to review their sites. They often have a lot of questions about the review process. For the most part it is pretty straight forward. Your girl must meet several criteria. She must be hot! I must have a burning desire to put my dick in her. The only exceptions? If a surfer searches for her and I don’t have her already, I will often add her on my own.

Most webmasters and probably some of you surfers don’t realize that I will review girls that don’t get fully nude. If she is hot, and I want to fuck her. I don’t care if she gets completely naked. TBH, I enjoy the nonnude ones more than the nude ones -  most of the time!

Naughty Paige doesn’t get fully nude. Not a problem. If you cannot see her vagina through her wet panties while she is in the tub then you are blind.

I like these kinds of girls. I grew up drooling over these kinds of girls. It seems as though girls like Naughty Paige can smell me from a mile away. They instantly pick up on the fact that they can get me to do almost anything for a look up their skirts!

Members of Naughty Paige get access to the NN All Access network. Four nonnude sites for the price of one!

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