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Tawnee Stone and Jordan Capri Lesbian KissingTawnee Stone and Jordan Capri Lesbian KissingTawnee Stone and Jordan Capri Lesbian Kissing

On July 19th in the year 2001 was born. Even while she was only 18 years old, she was capturing our hearts. Originally from the cast of, Tawnee moved on to become the most popular amateur teen modol on the internet. On a personal note, she was the first site I ever bought.

Originally Tawnee was very softcore but since then she has moved on to more and more daring photos and videos. The picture set showcased above is the ultimate fantasy of both softcore and hordcore amateur model fans. Jordan Capri and Tawnee Stone together. America’s Sweethearts sharing a tender moment.

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Teen Model MeganQt Kissing Meredith18Teen Model MeganQt Kissing Meredith18Teen Model MeganQt Kissing Meredith18Teen Model MeganQt Kissing Meredith18

Well, if you have Next Door Nikki on your teen solo girls model blog, then you also need MeganQt. This long haired brunette is so gorgeous. She has a face that begs you to adore her and an ass so perfect that it is like two halves of a volley ball.

Each week MeganQt updates with two wild picture sets and a high quality video. For those who like to get to know Megan personally, she updates her journal each and every Friday. Megan has over 262 videos! Take my word for it, that is a lot of videos even for a megasite!

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Next Door Nikki in bed nude picsNext Door Nikki in bed nude picsNext Door Nikki in bed nude picsNext Door Nikki in bed nude pics

Lets face it. You cannot have a teen solo girls model blog without Next Door Nikki. She is one of the internets most popular amateur models. So popular infact, calling Nikki an amateur just doesn’t seem right. According to Alexa she gets an average of 250,000 people going to each day. That is simply amazing.

Take a look at her body. Damn! It is obvious that Next Door Nikki takes workouts seriously. Believe it or not, her breasts are 100% real. I met her at a convention once and she allowed me a feel. I checked her up and down and no scars, no augmentations! And she is one of those girls who is just as hot away from the camera as she is infront of it.

So what does Nikki DO with all of this money she is making? Putting herself through college, that is what. Not only is she beautiful but she is also smart enough to have an exit plan in place. Next Door Nikki is definately all that and a bag of chips!

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Milton twins have a 4some with Jill and her boyfriendLesbian twins lick and suck eachother and two teen friendsMilton Twins get banged at the same time in a 4some
Milton Twins lick pussy in a threeway lesbian feastTwin sisters show their schoolgirl friends how to properly eat a girl outBlonde teen twins fuck and kiss each other

The Milton Twins

We are the Milton Twins and this is where we like to express our sexuality! Our names are Melissa and Marissa and we are identical twins, how cool is that? Together we have been cramped up and sheltered by our parents. Now that we are in college and finally AWAY, we are just beginning to give in to our sexual urges and we think we are getting pretty darn good at it.

Have you ever seen twins doing a foursome? How about watching twin sisters seduce a redhead girlfriend and licking her swollen pussy lips? If the answer is no, then you definately need to get inside the members area.

The members area is also full of Hi-Res photos of all of our exploits. You can watch us masturabate on our live cam or hang out in our video section. Our girlfriends are always coming over and doing naughty things with us twins and once in a while we share a boy-toy or two.

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Hello, I am Little April. I have never been shy about my body and if you go to my website,, you’d definately say the same thing. I love getting naked infront of the camera and being a dirty, naughty girl.

Some people thing I am to young to be naked on even though I am 18. They think I am to innocent. Can you be to innocent? Others send me a ton of fan mail in the members area.

My mom says, "April, you need to think about growing up." I still live with her and she won’t let me move out until I graduate college. Originally I created my site to pay for college but me and my girlfriends are having so much fun on my site that I can’t imagine doing anything else right now.

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This here is Little Summer. Summer has got to be one of the hottest bisexual teens on the planet. Every week she has two updates that range from Summer posing in a bikini at her pool to Summer and a girl friend having a kissing session in her bedroom.

Summer is the ultimate california teen girl. She lives in Beverly Hills with her dad and lays out by the pool, flashing her neighbors, when Little Summer isn’t studying for college. If you are in Malibu you might get lucky and catch her during a surf session wearing a skimpy polka-dot bikini.

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Hi, her name is Topanga. She is 18 and going to college in Southern California. For a long time Topanga has been dealing with a problem. It seems like all boys want is Topanga’s body. Initially Topanga took care of her problem by playing with her girlfriends instead. Not sexually, just doing what girls do.

In Topanga’s own words, "Then me and a girlfriend of mine started getting real close. Both mentally and physically. I said to myself, Topanga, if you are going to experiment with sex, why not do it with a girl. Atleast she will respect your teen body and you will be benifiting her too. She will have another teen girl rubbing her private parts gently and not some horny boy.

Eventually Topanga got so good at masturbating Topanga could cum in seconds if needed. Like if Topanga’s mom was coming up the stairs, Topanga could just finish in 5 seconds and make sure she wasn’t caught.

Topanga explains, "A few months ago I was approached by a “talent scout” from a “modeling company” and I knew right off the bat what he “really” wanted. And that is how my site, was born. I think I actually shocked him because I was soooo ready to be a teen model. Now it seems like I get naughtier and naughtier with each new update! My site updates twice a week, so when you are ready to join, you know what to do!"

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Our first teen site review is the home of Trixie Teen. This young girl is about as barely legal as it gets. Trixie lives in Las Vegas and dreams of being a show girl. I think we can all agree that she has already found her destiny and it is to be right here at with all of us!

She has it all, tan skin, fresh face, braces, cute smile, perfect boobs and a tight ass. updates twice a week and has plenty of backlogged content to have you doing the hand jive when no updates are available.

Themes include a jaunt to the park to play on the swings and jungle gym to catching glimpses up Trixie’s skirt while her does her homework on her bed. If you are a fan of truely cute teens, she is definately for you!

Don’t forget to check out her friends Teen Topanga , “>Chloe18, LittleSummer and Little April! Plus my twin friends Melissa and Marissa from Milton Twins, they are Hawt! For $1 you can try all of Trixie’s friends with a ” target=”_blank”>Tiny Teen Pass!

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