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Posted By Teen Porn on 11/28/11 - Write A Comment!

For the most part I prefer pics over videos. I am not saying I don’t enjoy a video from time to time, I am just saying I prefer the pics. I guess it is because I grew up on an Internet where we dialed in to our provider and video just wasn’t feasible, therefor I got used to pics and still prefer them.

I ran across this video of Andi Pink masturbating and I couldn’t resist. She is such a doll. Her pussy is the definition of a Cleft of Venus. So smooth and soft. So nubile looking. It is like a package you could open time and time again with a big smile like you are receiving some kind of prize!

When you join Andi Pink you get access to a large network of small tits solo models sites that include more barely legal girls like Ariel Rebel and Kristina Fey. All of the sites deal with hot teens and many of them cover niches like lesbian teens or barefoot teens.

Take a trip at!

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One of the beauties of Canada is that it can look nice and sunny, but still be colder than hell! Andi Pink is feeling the Canadian cold on her small tits as you can see by her goose pimples! features five years of updates from this next door hottie. She hits on many different niches including feet, panties, smooth pussy, small tits, tease, upskirts and more. As a member you also get both fan and professionally created wallpapers and other visual candy!


Being a member of Andi Pink gives you unlimited access to her friends as well. Not that you even need the other sites to justify joining this barely legal teens site. Just look at that pussy and tell me it isn’t worth it!


In her members area Andi Pink gets completely naked and masturbates in her videos. Make sure to notice the little ‘2’ on the video page to see the second page. I finally found it myself today and I’ve been a member for years! LOL

There are dozens of small tits solo model sites included in your membership and some of the best are Kristina Fey, Ariel Rebel, Sandy Fair and the multi-model sites like 4ever Models!

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I remember hanging out with chicks like Andi Pink. I’d soak of up the sights of their pretty little bodies during gym class or out on the track all throughout high school and college. It’s funny actually. When a guy leaves his mouth open he looks like a goomba, but when a girl does it, like Andi is doing above, we all wish we could stick our cock inside that pretty little mouth of hers!


Posted By Teen Porn on 11/19/10 - Write A Comment!


I like a good turkey sandwich once in a while. My GF toasts the bread, adds avocado, lettuce, two kinds of cheese. The works! I also like good old peanut butter and jelly once in a while too. But I really have to be in the mood for a sandwich. Unless that’s an Andi Pink, Ariel Rebel and Misty sandwich. That kind of sandwich brings the mood to me!

Andi Pink has a dreamy pussy. No other way to say it. It is smooth as a babies bottom, pink as a rose petal, tight as a teenager and I have to say, it looks as nubile as the day she was born!

At to that sweet pussy a sweet set of small tits. Andi Pink has perky boobs capped with perfectly sized nipples. God really broke the mold on this one!

With your Andi Pink membership you get access to her friends including Ariel Rebel in the middle up there. There are 30 sites featuring more solo models, multi-models and her tour could better explain it to you!

So what are you reading this for? Tour Andi Pink!

Posted By Teen Porn on 05/17/10 - Write A Comment!


The Internet is loaded with hot babes that have some pretty nasty pastrami sandwiches. This is because finding a virgin pussy on a hot girl isn’t easy. Girls with tasty looking pussies usually have a butter face, but not Andi Pink. She is the real deal. The entire package!

Andi Pink has a very youthful body. Her small tits are pert and her cute butt is firm and tight. She has pretty eyes, an inviting mouth and an attitude that says, fuck me, I’m yours!

All of these qualities are find and dandy, but the real test comes after the site has been open for a few years. Can she still manage to pull off the barely legal look? I think Andi Pink answers this question with a big FUCK YEAH!

Not only does Andi look just as young as the first day she started, all of her friends do too! Why am I mentioning her friends? Because, as a member of you also get access to all of her friends like Ariel Rebel!

30 sites, thousands of videos, everything 100% fappable!

Posted By Teen Porn on 11/08/07 - Write A Comment!

Andi on a bicycle.

Ohh my sweet Andi Pink… Let me count the ways that I love you!

Out of all of the girls on Rhino’s Girls, Andi gets the most comments. Usually they are about her cute shaved beaver. A close second is the comments on how undeniably hot she is. Her face, her smooth skin, her hot body… her open mouth pics… Man… could you imagine your cock in that cute little warm mouth of hers.

This particular gallery reminds me of someone in my past though and I thought I would share that will you. This girl lived a few doors down and she was the first girl I ever had sex with. She looked remarkably like Andi Pink. But, then again, don’t they all at that age?

Anyway, she was a frisky tease. She taught me to jack off when I went to bed so she would know I was thinking about her and what we were doing. On occasion she would do things like ride by with no panties on and lift her naked butt up so I could get a full view of her sugar and spice. Sometimes it worked like foreplay and we’d go off some where so we could fool around. Other times I’d go off by myself and dream of her smooth pussy on my cock.

One day she was riding her bike kind of funny. Like really rubbing on it. No one was around and she didn’t know I was watching so I hid and watched her. Eventually she stopped the bike but her hips didn’t stop at all. They got faster! She started sweating and moaning and almost fell over. She hed just masturbated her clit on her bicycle seat. I couldn’t believe it!

I went home and whacked off three times in a row.

Seeing Andi Pink riding her bike totally reminded me of that day. It was the first time I ever saw a girl masturbate infront of me. Pretty wild stuff.

I know you like Andi’s smooth pussy. You can see it in depth and more often with an Andi Pink password.

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