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Usually, when guys talk about local BBW action, they start fantasizing about that slightly overweight mom that lives around the corner from them. You know exactly what I’m talking about. She walks around with her toddler. She has a few extra pounds and, in many cases, when you say hi to her and you look straight at her deep green eyes, you can’t help but pop an erection.

Believe me, everybody’s gone through such a situation. As embarrassing as it may be, everybody’s gone through that. But unfortunately, if that scenario is your idea of trying to find local BBW, you’re setting yourself up for failure, unless of course you use . Seriously, you are. Why? Well, if you are serious about looking for local BBW, you must first define those two words precisely.

This is where most guys fail. They think that a BBW is a chick who is simply chunky. They think that a BBW is a chick who has a few extra pounds in her midsection. I’m sorry to be the one to break this to you, but that is not a BBW. A BBW is a big, beautiful woman. A big, beautiful woman, in turn, is defined as a woman who is overweight by a factor of 50-100 or more pounds. They have a specific look. They bring a specific physical experience in bed.

The experience you get from fucking a woman who is just 5 pounds overweight is going to be very different from a woman who is 50 pounds overweight. The experience of fucking that chick is vastly different from having sex, preferably doggy style, with a woman who is overweight by a factor of 100 or more pounds.

You have to tightly define BBW for you to have sex with local BBW women. This seems very basic and elementary, but this concept of definition misses most guys. It just goes over their heads. It escapes them entirely. But if you are serious about finding more local BBW to hook up with, you have to start with the proper definitions.

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One look at the enlarged photo behind that thumbnail above and I knew I had to post about this web site. It is called Get Naughty Girls and it is like a clearing house of hot teens and coed babes.

There has been an increase in sites bundling several models together with a few bundling hundreds of models together. I love mergers like these. Back in 2001 you had to pay $35 a month just for one girl. In 2008 you can pay much less and score dozens of girls in hundreds of videos!

Lets talk about why I chose this particular gallery to represent Get Naughty Girls. First the whole wet panties thing. I don’t know why but I have always been fascinated with being able to see a girls pussy underneath her wet panties. When girls started shaving their pussies it only made things better.

Next we can talk about the Cleft of Venus. That is the spot you see just starting to suck those wet panties in. I have spent countless hours of spring break vacations checking out college girls with the Cleft of Venus showing through their skimpy bikinis. Each one is different so it never gets old. updates three to five times a week. Each update has several updates in it. So you might get five picture sets of a girl or two videos and two picture sets of another girl per update. That is enough updating to make you fee like Lucy Ricardo in a candy factory.

The babes at Get Naughty Girls often come from other sites with the same business model or they are brand new to the industry. So you end up with more sets of your favorites and the first sets of some rookies.

The guy running this site loves panties, wet panties, puffy nipples and masturbation. I swear it is like we are twin brothers or something. At $24.95 for over 60 models and new ones added constantly you will enjoy this membership intensely!

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I look at this photo above and I wonder… I wonder about a lot of things. Like, when Ben and Jerry’s made Chunky Monkey were they thinking about Pixies Pillows at the time? I wonder about where you find schoolgirls willing to get naked in housing developments. I wonder if the security guard sat in his trailer whacking off to this big tits gift from God.

I can only answer one of those questions myself and that is about where to find these girls. You find them at Bad Girl VIP. Your one stop shop for all things perverted.

Along with Pixies Pillows you get access to 50+ more sites. I am not talking about one of those adult check programs with 50+ lame sites with bullshit content. I am talking about thirty more teens with big tits, small tits and everything in between. Sites for guys that like chicks in socks, panties, denim, chicks with big asses, thongs… everything an obsessive pervert could ever want.

I am not talking down about obsessive perverts either. I am one and I want you to know where to go!

I don’t let shit rebill for ever. I am just like anyone else. I got my Bad Girl VIP pass a year ago and stuck with it for about three months. I explored the members area and when I got to the other side I canceled. About a week ago I resigned up and guess what? They added a few new girls and the others updated over the year and so did the niche sites.

You could say that I am like a kid in a candy store all over again!

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From time to time I come across a real gem. Candid Bob is one of those gems. Wall to wall young teens mixed with college coeds and even a few river MILF to spice things up.

Candid Bob goes out to some of world’s best beaches (like Huntington Beach above) and spies hot, young and beautiful girls next door. Along with taking their own photos they also accept members submissions so their collection of candid beach pics is large enough to justify buying that larger external drive you have your eyes on.

Right now they are running a special with two other candid photo sites. You get all three for only $21.95. You won’t find this low of a price or a larger collection of candid photography anywhere else. Candid Bob has been online now for 5 years and updates almost every day. You can imagine how immense the members area is.

Most of the photos are shot in 2400×1600 and take up a 24″ monitor in full screen. Imagine how close to that teenage pussy you will feel when viewing his site on a 17″ or 19″ monitor!

Candid Bob has more than just candid photos. You get candid videos too. Hot, beach water wet, teenage tits flopping around on video. Firm, spankable teenage booty videos. Upskirt on video. This guy is a pervert extraordinaire  and he brings home the goods!

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Entering the gates of is like being the uninvited guest to your sister’s slumber party. Over a thousand girls grace the pages of this award winning web site.

The girls at Abby Winters are real. They say that everyone has a twin somewhere in the world and I think I found four of my ex-girlfriend’s twins at Abby Winters. I never got to see any of them masturbate, though I suspected some of them did it. Now I get to see all of them masturbate and two of them make out with each other! Now there is a fantasy I always wanted to explore!

Your mind goes numb and finds it hard to process what it is seeing when you find the 227 girls in 240 girl-girl scenes. Where do I start? Oh shit! Wait a minute… There is even more girl-girl action in the Intimate Moments section!

Intimate Moments… They are just what they sound like. Girls masturbating to wonderfully explosive orgasms. These are not paid models that work in porn. They are girls from off the street. The kinds of girls you see around you in your everyday life. The grocery checker, the bank teller, the girl at the changing rooms at your local department store… Real girls. Masturbating about real guys (and girls).

Watching two Abby Winters girls share an Intimate Moment will get your pulse racing. A double masturbation session with girls that have never masturbated with someone else in the room before. Curiosity sets in and sometimes the girls begin to explore each other. A double Intimate Moment.

Most of the models at Abby Winters have several picture sets and videos. Many of the most popular models have Intimate Moments match ups and mash ups.

By far one of the most exhilarating adventures at is following along on a like minded, fellow user’s coattails. Users (including you) can create your own galleries with topics like feet/panties, nipple nibble and more.

Members of Abby Winters can download calendars featuring the girls along with wallpapers devoted to fan favorites.

Can an Abby Winters membership get any better than this? Sure, I haven’t even mentioned the discussion board yet. A place where you can interact with your favorite model(s). On the boards you can talk with dozens of models, like minded fans, make requests or talk about anything on your mind.

A full membership to Abby Winters gets you 11 new videos a week, 8 new image sets a week, 3 new solo models a week, 2 returning solo models a week, 2 new girl-girl videos a week, 3 one-girl masturbation videos a week, 2 two-girl masturbation videos a week, exclusive backstage content and access to eight years of archived material.

Every time you login to your account there is always something waiting for you!

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What is life but a string of happy coincidences?

I have a confession to make. I have been trolling around the Internet for about two months now looking for more of this wonderful bitch. Yeah I called her a bitch. I am a man. We don’t go shopping. We enter the store and we get what we want and we get the fuck out (unless we are at Bass Pro Shops). Mai has had me running willy-nilly all over the fucking Internet. Up until now…

You may have seen her previously at Rookie Babe or FTV Girls. Now you don’t have to go running all around to see this wonderful, beautiful, curvy babe. She is right here at Mai Crush.

So what does Mai do? She achieves some awesome orgasms with fingers, toys and other girls. Mai sticks things into her pussy that normally don’t belong there. No, I am not talking about dildos. I am talking about everything else in the kitchen, bathroom and jewelry drawer.

Mai Crush updates multiple times a week. Members get her Email address and get to watch her streaming video chats. Mai Ly often brings friends to her webcam chats to make things more interesting. As if Mai wasn’t interesting enough!

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If ever there were a teen made for making babies, Alison Angel would be her.

Alison Angel has big tits. Huge motherly tits. She could have twins and have plenty of milk left over. Alison also has wide hips. Perfect for making babies and passing them out as well. Just about the only hang up with Alison Angel and baby making is that her pussy is too tight. How will a baby get out of there?

Until that question can be answered there is plenty of time for dry runs. Perhaps stretching out her pussy with your cock would help? There is only one way to find out!

Alison updates her site with new content twice a week. Fans of both voyeur and exhibitionist sites will fall in love with This blonde nymph enjoys masturbating right out in public. When I say public, I mean public.

Each video captures Alison’s beauty in a way that is indescribably. You will just have to check out her tour and watch the trailers there. Alison’s orgasms are amazing. Powerful and public. Daring and adventurous. Once you join Alison Angel you will wonder why you didn’t do this sooner!

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Mai Ly

They call them rookie babes, but something tells me these girls have been around the block a few times. Take Mai Ly for example. You don’t grow up with a body like hers and not use it. You just don’t.

Mai would be a perfect river chick. Not the one you bring… the one you fuck while you are there. I could hit her body 6 different ways to Sunday if she’d let me. And being a river chick my prospects would be pretty good.

While her boobs don’t stand perfectly at attention, Mai Ly has what I like to call “grab-me-boobs.” Don’t they look like they just want to be grabbed? The kind you lift up to suck on. I love her big nipples. I could suck on them forever.

More than anything I really like the attitude Mai Ly projects in her pictures. Happy and go-getting. I feel like having her by my side I would get more shit done. She also strikes me as a great chick to have around when some bitch is popping off at the bar. I have a feeling Mai would kick her ass for me and probably take the boyfriend out too! has lots of babes from around the United States. Real girls. The kind you find.. at the river… In colleges… At the mall.. Real chicks you could actually have a chance with. I like that. The girl next door types all in one place. I like that a lot!

Another big draw for Rookie Babe is that the girls do a lot of talking in their videos. You get to really know them. Even more in depth then reading a centerfolds bio in Playboy. There are over 125 rookie babes and more are added monthly. Each girl usually does several videos and picture sets. Often they come back and talk about other Rookie Babes.

New Rookie Babe pictures and videos are posted on a weekly basis. With so many past shoots available you will have plenty to do here. The girls come in all shapes and sizes. Many different nationalities. Pretty much there is something for everyone. And that includes you too!

Find More

Rookie Babe

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Danya Licious Upskirt

Any thoughts on that pic? Ohh come on, I know you have a few…

Reminds me of lunch back in school. I used to get some of the sweetest teen upskirt shots from chicks who didn’t know any better than to sit right infront of a pervert like me.

Danya is all-American and perfectly chunky. Check out the 2nd to last pic in the gallery: Yup, Danya, I said you have got curves… Don’t go getting all butt-hurt about it, curves are hot when you have them in the proper proportions like you do. updates her site with 2 photo galleries and a video gallery each and every week. I love Danya because she isn’t affraid of her bisexual curiosity. She has shoots with the other girls included.

Danya is a little thick around the hips and you know what they say, “Big girls need love too!” I like them plus sized hips because they don’t mind bare-backing and you can nut in em and they don’t mind that either. I’d be more than honored if she was carrying my baby.

For those that care, Danya Licious is from Texas and is the oldest girl here at Virgins 19. She is 21. Perfect because we are gonna hit the bars if I ever see her at an adult webmaster convention!

Find More Danya Licious!

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