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lil candy tight little pussy

With all of the politically correct bullshit being thrown around in society today it is no wonder that most guys would never fess up to wanting to seduce a flat chested girl. It could be because of the fact that most girls with flat chests are jailbait, but still, we are talking fantasies here. Not something that you would actually do to a girl should you ever have the chance.

Lil Candy was a late bloomer making her a perfect match for guys who like barely legal girls that look like jailbait. Her small tits are not much more than mosquito bites on her chest. While her body was in catch up mode her mind was fully active when it came to experimenting with sex. It didn’t take her long to suck cock like a pro!

Candy’s site features photography and videos from her first nubile sex scenes to what she is doing now. She also does live webcam shows for her members. Though you will have to tip her to tell her what to do during the shows, you can get off by sitting back and watching what other members request of her.

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Lilcandy ready for sex is the perfect kind of site for guys who like to see girls grow up on the web. Lil Candy is a cute, petite, chunky, flat chested girl with boobs shaped like pears. Okay, wait… I contradicted myself there a bit in her description. What gives?

The thing is that you get to see this nubile blonde teen go from a petite, barely legal girl with small tits into being a chunky hottie with little perky boobies, a shapely ass and a whole new look. Candy grows up before you eyes into a hot young woman you will want to jerk off to day in and day out.

While Candy’s overall appearance changes from year to year as she performs on her site one thing stays the same. Her little pink pussy looks as nubile as ever. It is very tight and when looking at it you’d mistake her for jailbait if that was all you could see.

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For the past few months I have been a sad boy. Sad because one of my favorite models of all time gave up on modeling. Her name is Candy and she has some of the cuties tiny tits you will ever see. Candy literally grew up on the internet. You can see her go from a nubile barely legal girl into a beautiful young woman. The members area of LilCandy has both versions of her with lots of content. It is almost like getting twin sisters or something along those lines since both versions of Candy are so alike and yet so different.

Her site has been open for years so there are tons of updates. Now that she is back in business more updates are on the way. You can chat live with Candy on her webcam several times a month. Take the tour on and see what you have been missing!

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When Lil Candy first started modeling she was overwhelmed by the response her site garnered. She received a torrent of Email telling her how beautiful she was and how she shouldn’t get self-conscious about her small tits. Men wanted her to know they were beautiful. That she was beautiful just how God made her.

After this initial flood of Emails Candy began to receive Emails of another kind. They were from the jealous wives of the men that had previously told her how beautiful she looked. These Emails contained some very nasty words and openly wondered why a girl would whore herself out like Candy was doing. Above all they wanted to know why Candy looked so young. Was she trying to act younger than she was?

The sad thing is that these women weren’t keeping an open mind. Could it be possible that a barely legal teen like Lil Candy that looks like jailbait also feels just as youthful inside as she does on the outside? I think so. Candy doesn’t do anything girls her age aren’t doing already. If she is flirty around older men it is because girls her age get that way around older men. If she is playing on their desire to be with a younger lady then so be it. A large percentage of girls her age do the exact same thing!



Believe me. Candy would love to look older and be able to flaunt big boobs, but that wasn’t the hand she was dealt. So now is she supposed to just stop playing the game or play her hand in a way she can actually come out on top?

Ponder those questions and more at Watch her seduce men with her tiny tits and her nubile body. Best of all, watch a girl play with her pussy when there are no boys around. She looks adorable!

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I came across this picture of Lil Candy with her wet panties and I couldn’t help but remember when I caught a buddy of mine’s sister masturbating her little pussy. She had small tits like Candy and her ass was a perfect little rump. I used to love spanking it and listening to her yelps!

My buddy had pulled an all-nighter at work and so he slept for like twelve hours straight. While he was sleeping I crept around the house checking out all of his shit. Guns racks, home theater, XBox, PS2, etc.

While I was in the far corner of his house I heard what sounding like a girl moaning. Intrigued I slowly crept over to the door from behind which the sound was emanating and peered inside. I didn’t know it, but his little sister was staying with him in a guest room I didn’t even know he had!

She was lying on the bed with her eyes closed and her hand inside her panties. Some kind of porno mag was splayed out next to her. I wasn’t sure how long this girl was masturbating for, but her panties were soaked with her juices!

My cock got instantly hard and I crept over to the bed to get a better look. Just then she opened her eyes and sat up really quick trying to come up with something she was doing other than touching herself. I pointed to the porno mag and then to her wet panties. She knew she was caught "wet" handed!


Right about then she caught sight of my hard cock jutting out from my shorts. I could tell she wanted to see it so I made the usual deal, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. We both ripped our shorts off in record timing.


Next I came up with a brilliant idea. How about we masturbate first and race each other to see who can cum first? That way we will last longer during the act. She was game and even pulled out a thick white candle to plunge into her wet pussy!

While she did put on quite a show, Lil Candy had a huge lead on me. She started to orgasm in a very spastic way after only two or three minutes of ramming that candle into her tight snatch. I shot my cum into her already soaked panties and hoped she wouldn’t get some crazy idea like wearing them with my wet cum in there.

While my cock was recovering we heard a toilet flush in the house. Her brother was up! I looked out the window and saw the pool. I grabbed my shorts and bolted out her sliding glass door and dove in hoping the cold water would do wonders for my half-mast woody.

You can relive your old times or make new fantasies easily with Lil Candy. She loves to play dress up (or is that dress down?) and has plenty of hardcore videos to make your mouth water!

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