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Posted By Teen Porn on 04/01/13 - Write A Comment!


I am one of those underdog kind of guys. Perhaps that is why I am always falling hard for girls that are different from the rest in some way. Sure Natasha Belle’s blue eyes have contacts to make them more vibrant, but that isn’t why I find her so captivating. I like her because of her seriously pink nipples. They are different than most girls and that drives my libido wild!

The fact that her pink nipples are located on top of some small tits also helps. This girl is one of those natural wonders to me. How does a model that is so striking do porn on the Internet? I can’t be too vocal about that question because I wouldn’t want her to ask it of herself. I love it that she has decided to share her most intimate parts and moments with us.

The photos at Natasha Belle are 4000 pixels resolution and the videos are shot in HD at 1080p. Her skin is so flawless that you will find yourself zooming in to her most delicate features.

Members can also private message chat with Natasha to see how she is doing, what she is up to, receive info on upcoming shoots and even find out if Natasha is going to be appearing somewhere in your neck of the woods.

Posted By Teen Porn on 06/30/12 - Write A Comment!


A girl has to be pretty fucking hot to get me to jackoff without her taking a single stitch of clothing off. Natasha Belle is that hot. Not that she doesn’t take her clothing off for her members. I am just saying this girl is flawless!

From her perky small tits to her cute button nose Natasha Belle has a way of making my balls tingle. Sometimes I am into booty and I like Emily 18 for those times. But other times I want a firm ass. A volleyball players ass. Natasha has one of those asses!


I was pretty lucky growing up in that I knew a girl like Natasha Belle. She taught me the art of the tease. Strange because in reality you come away from her thinking, damn, what a slut! But she never takes her clothes off!

This girl I knew used to like watching me jackoff while she showed me progressively more and more of herself. First it was her ass in her short-shorts, then it was her handbra small tits, then her camel toe panties. You get the idea.

It took weeks before I finally got to see her pussy and the entire time she got to watch me jackoff and shoot my cum all over the place. Slut!

If you like the tease and you like flawless girls now and then, get yourself a membership to Natasha Belle. You won’t be sorry. I assure you!

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It’s funny. Girls in high school dread having perky little boobs like Natasha Belle has. They stuff their bras with toilet paper and buy push-up bras trying to look fuller up top. They do silly things like sleep on their stomachs hoping it will make their boobs fall down. Then they get older and they wish they could have Natasha’s perky little boobs again!

Well, they can’t have those perky tits, but you sure can!

With your password to you can enjoy weekly updates in extreme HD. Both the videos and the pics are crystal clear. As if they aren’t reason enough to join you can talk to Natasha live on her webcam!

Posted By Teen Porn on 12/28/11 - Write A Comment!


Everybody deserves to have a small tits teen like Natasha Belle strip for them. We all can’t be so lucky in real life. That is why it is great to live in this day and age. You can live a cyber life online and have girls like Natasha stripping for you on a daily basis! is the newest solo model site to hit the net. She has an athletic body with a small bit of baby fat clinging to her very spankable booty!


So let Natasha’s fingers do the walking. She has dozens of naughty videos and many more photo sets available in her members area. Natasha shoots all of her content exclusively and in HD. The photos are up to 4000 pixels so you can zoom way-the-fuck in!

Get your Natasha Belle fix!

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