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Posted By Teen Porn on 01/17/13 - Write A Comment!


I think the last time I saw something like this it was while I was still in school. A friend of mine went down the slide while we were at the park and she was wearing a skirt. At the end of the ride she instinctively parted her legs to land and I got a great view of her panties. From then on she was my favorite fantasy at night for months. It wasn’t until I actually got inside those panties on Prom night that I switched up the visual to her actual pussy. Then again, I still came back to this shot in my memory ever now and then. Even after we broke up.

Every now and then I used to tease that girl about her little girls panties. She would get so flustered about it. While all of the other girls were switching to thongs and lacey style panties she still preferred her cotton bikini style ones. Not that I wanted her to change. I actually enjoyed her panties. I must have unloaded a gallon or two of cum into those things when I jerked off into them in the bathroom!


This shot reminds me of her in our motel room after the Prom. She wanted to be "sexy," but she had no idea how to do it. She gave me a very silly strip show during which we both laughed hysterically. The high point was in receiving my first blowjob. We had fucked a few times before that, but nothing can match the softness and warmth inside a girls mouth!

Normally I could last hours if need be. My friends always joked that I should become a porn star because I could cum on cue. But this time I came in three or four minutes. I wanted her to think giving blowjobs was cool. It worked. She gave me a blowjob a few times a week after that. She would always ask for pointers and tips on how to do it better the next time. Who ever married that bitch owes me!


It really is too bad more girls don’t wear these old style panties anymore. When I got with my current girlfriend I actually tricked her into thinking a pair I had plucked from a past girlfriend decades before were brand new and a present for her. God am I ever a bad man! LOL

But now I get to enjoy those panties all over again!

If you like the old school bikini panties I suggest you get a membership to Just as the sites name would suggest they have thousands of completely legal, but very young looking, girls wearing things only skinny girls can still fit into. Like their little old panties!

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What would you do if you happened upon a small tits teen that was tied up with a body as nubile as this one? Natasha Shy dares you to explore some of your deepest sexual desires while she explores her own!

I have joined 100’s of solo model sites with barely legal teens like Natasha and I am often let down by the quality of their content. That was not the case here. delivers on all levels as far as the quality goes. Her pictures and her videos are so crystal clear and well staged that they border on being nude art. On top of that the fantasies she delves into are out of this world and completely over the top.

My girlfriend is bisexual and I often bring her along for the ride when i review sites in which the main model is also bisexual. She could not stop gushing about how great Natasha is. She enjoyed her beauty and she also enjoyed a ride she described as going back in time!

Natasha Shy has a cheerleader hazing video that really got my GFs rocks off, as well as my own! For the panty lover she often wears girlie stuff and/or flimsy stuff that will really turn you on.

Unlike many of the solo models I review Natasha does have sex with boys, though she doesn’t have nearly as many boy/girl videos as she does lesbian and masturbation videos.

Let your mind wander at!

Posted By Teen Porn on 06/21/12 - Write A Comment!

If you have a hankering for watching super skinny girls with small tits getting sexed then I have the site for you to do it at! The site goes by the strange name Skinny Super Girl. Yeah, I know. Maybe SuperSkinnyGirl was already taken?

Anyway. The girls at are all pretty much petite when it comes to their figures and they all are fun to watch when they masturbate, get poked and prodded, or fuck in some pretty steamy teen sex videos!

This video is of Gloria, but you will also like other petite girls like Natasha Shy and Sasha Blonde. There are 100’s of girls and the site has multiple daily updates. Videos are in HD and you can really zoom this shit up without getting all blear-eyed!

The Skinny Super Girl videos feature a lot of sub-niches like feet, panties, clingy panties, super-clingy, super-camel-toe panties, lesbians, guys/girls, masturbation, bath faucet masturbation, household objects masturbation and much more!

You can also chat the many of the models live and completely free of charge!

Posted By Teen Porn on 11/10/11 - Write A Comment!


The only thing missing in this picture is you!

The girl with the small tis and pink undies is Alice Wonderbang. The girl with the small tits in a training bra is Natasha Shy. Together they make for one hot evening of skinny dipping and playing games like truth or dare!

These two little hotties might look like jailbait, but be aware, they know exactly what they are doing. They are cougars in the making. You might think you are getting one up on them, but the reality of it is, they are going to chew you up and spit you out!

Sux 2 b u!


Join 18 Only Girls and get both girls and more all in one mega-site. Or, join and watch all of her kinky small tits teen videos. Ooor, join Alice Wonderbang and find out how she got her curiously kinky name!


Ooooor! Get Moooaaar with that 18 Only Girls pass!

Posted By Teen Porn on 11/09/11 - Write A Comment!


Natasha Shy was experimenting with her little teen cunny and found that if she rubbed it a certain way it felt good in a very explosive way. She spent the rest of the day and part of the evening rubbing her pussy until it was too tender to rub anymore!

The next day Natasha sought out her best friend in the whole wide world at school. She had to show her this new feeling she was having. Natasha set it up so they could meet after school at Natasha’s house and explore “something really cool”!

Her friend didn’t know what to make of Natasha’s giddiness. Natasha was usually a shy and introverted girl. What ever this was it certainly broke her out of her shell. Natasha’s friend was super curious about what it could be!

Natasha’s friend could sense her friends excitement and so she didn’t pull away when Natasha leaned in to kiss her. She wanted Natasha to know she was excited for her. More than that, she wanted Natasha to know she had feelings for her that she didn’t understand.


The kiss was very passionate. It made both girls wet between the legs. It also made both girls wonder if they were the only one getting turned on by tongue kissing another girl!


Her blonde friend let Natasha Shy have all of her. Before long Natasha was rubbing her friends pussy just like she rubbed her own. She wanted to show her that good feeling she experienced last night. while thinking of her!


Soon her friend was lost in her lustfulness. This blonde girl didn’t know what was coming next, she just wanted to consume more and more of the unbridled lust Natasha was providing to her.


Taking things a step further, Natasha thrust a finger into her friends pussy and rubbed her G-spot while groping her small tits. This sent her into a frenzy!


When it was time for her friend to cum Natasha gave her another passionate kiss. She wanted her blonde friend to associate this feeling with her. Natasha wanted to be the sole receiver of her love, and the sole source for her lust!


Once her orgasmic spasms finally subsided Natasha’s friend was back for another kiss. She couldn’t believe how amazing it felt to have someone working her orgasmic trigger like only another girl could.

Natasha’s pussy was still swollen and soar from the abuse she caused herself the night before, but she gritted her teeth and let her friend have her way with her anyway. Besides, her pussy needed some kisses to make it all better!

Get more of Natasha Shy and all of her friends at 18 Only Girls!

Posted By Teen Porn on 02/06/11 - Write A Comment!


Not sure if you’ve already heard the word, but. One of my favorite networks underwent a huge consolidation. When this usually happens we end up with a network pass like ” target=”_blank”>Tiny Teen Pass or Porn Pros or Reality Kings. This time, however, all of the sites got rolled into one so you don’t have to enter members area’s individually.

The sites is called 18 Only Girls and it is comprised of some of the hottest porn sites on the net. Small tits teens like Natasha Shy, Sasha Blonde, Ivan Fuckalot and mult-girl sites like Virgin Off have all been rolled into one!

At just $1 a day the 18 Only Girls network works with any budget and with hundreds of girls in the mix the site hits on all of your hottest fantasies!

Posted By Teen Porn on 07/07/09 - Write A Comment!

I am sure you have heard me say it before. Teen girls kissing is one of the hottest turn-ons two teen girls can possibly offer up. That is, just before they blow me in tandem. Maybe even swapping my sperm when they are done.

Natasha Shy grew up the skinny girl on the block. She didn’t date and for the most part everyone assumed Natasha wasn’t all that interested in sex. Wrong!

As usual the girl that is getting the least ends up being the absolute horniest bitch on the block! While everyone was assuming this A-Cup cutie had no sex drive she was thinking of new and interesting ways she could get laid or lay one of her own female friends.


Eventually her shyness burst as her sexual oppression reached the boiling point. Natasha Shy was ready to unleash herself on the world whether the world was ready for this small tits teen or not.

Natasha Shy updates weekly and even allows you to access to friends sites. If you are into barely legal girls having lesbian sex and a super petite girl getting her tight pussy plowed by the boys in class, take the tour! Make sure to check out the join page and see why is one of my new favorites!

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